Basketball drills for dribbling

  • Starting 2 player on baseline
  • Spurts to the cone and do step slide to next cone
  • The first player to take the ball does speed dribble to the other side to score. 
  • The other player becomes defender

2 rows, 1 ball per team

  • Player scores, rebound own ball, and passes to next player in line
  • Player who has scored runs to the other baseline to pick up a pilon and brings it back to the group
  • Group with the most pilons at the end wins

All players have one ball and are in a row. The front player indicates the pace and may dribble along the lines through the room 

  • Trainer indicates if they should dribble left/right, trainer tries to take away ball 
  • Forward/reverse if necessary 
  • Don't look at the ball 
  • Two rows on the side at the height of the center line. 
  • Ball is on one side, attacker decides when he leaves and runs to the middle line, which he must cross all the way. 
  • The defender also departs but only has to touch the centre circle. 
  • Aim of the exercise is to come in front of the attacker as a defender. 
  • When a goal is made, 3 push-ups for the defender, a miss is 3 push-ups for the attacker.
  1. with 1 ball (repeat 2 or 3 times)
  2. Stand in a circle
    • 1 ball / dribble on the spot
    • call name of the other and bounce pass
    • No name mentioned is out of the circle!
    • Not captured, out of the circle!
  3. same with 2 balls (repeat 2 or 3 times)


  • With 3 men on the back line and the middle one has a ball.
  • The middle one passes to a man and chases the ball.
  • The receiver keeps the ball behind him and the one who passed first takes the ball and passes on.
  • The person who has the ball behind his back runs behind the ball, picks it up at the receiver and passes on to the other side.
  • They do this while running to the basket on the other side.
  • If someone is close enough to the basket, the man plays a lay-up.
  • Make variations on the passing lines



To improve shooting, the players practice the movement first without the actual basket. 

  • They stand in position with knees slightly bent,
  • hold a basketball with the strong hand under the ball and the other hand behind it. 
  • The players bring the ball to the shot zone (in front of and above the head). 
  • Next, the players push the basketball in the desired direction after which the hand and wrist move downwards (gooseneck). 
  • If this goes well, the players can try to shoot in the direction of the basket.
  • They can vary with place and distance.

The players practice the lay-up. 

  • They divide themselves over 2 rows, 1 on the left side of the basket and 1 on the right side of the basket. 
  • The first player of each row dribbles to the basket with the strong hand. 
  • Then the player takes 2 steps, first with the strong leg, then with the weaker leg. 
  • The player takes a jump with the strong leg and tries to throw the ball against the square on the board after which it ends up in the basket. 
  • The player catches the ball and dribbles to the row on the other side and then ends at the back of the row to try it from the other side.

  • 2 baskets, minimum 5 players per basket needed.
  • 1 player left sideline (A) extended free throw line. 1 right (B) same but with ball.
  • 1/2 (C) players under the basket. 1 player C sets up on free throw line. Helpside defense stands.
  • This player defends striker coming in from left (A) to get ball from passer (B) right.
  • Stealing ball, 1 v 1. Attacker scores, back to A. If they do not score, back to B.
  • B joins C after passing.

  • Two men around the bucket for defense
  • Three attackers:
  • Attacker 1 passes the ball to attacker 2 
  • All three attackers pass the ball around until one sees a gap and can get into the bucket
  • He adjusts the ball and tries to score
  • Up to 5 points, then switch roles and the attacker who has scored least stays in the attack.
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