Basketball drills for dribbling




players must be able to individually defend the man with the ball Â- players must be able to dribble


Set up kick directly over the center line.


2 against 2 across the longitudinal half Â- losers must defend in the next round Â- the dribbler must be over the centre line within 4 seconds (the trapper counts down)

the trapper moves aggressively towards the half way line just before the dribbler crosses it (but due to his speed and the position of his defender is not able to change direction) Â- the trapper widens himself, but moves the foot closest to the touchline backwards slightly, so that he can close the touchline with 1 or 2 slides Â- the dribbler must never pass between the two defenders

As soon as the dribbler grabs the ball, the trapper stays with it Â- the other defender sprints towards the free attacker

Teaching Points:

defender forces the dribbler to the side, but must keep an appropriate distance, taking into account the dexterity and speed of the dribbler Â- defender must force the dribbler to move at high speed along the touchline to the attacking half


left and right

The players dribble one by one in a zigzag fashion along the length of the playing field. When a player changes direction he/she bounces the ball under the legs and also changes hands.

The players practice the crossover technique. They start dribbling with their strong hand. Then the ball is bounced in a V-shape to the other hand. Make this exercise more difficult by running with the ball or a track.

The players try to dribble the ball behind their back. This works the same way as the crossover technique except the ball is not passed in front of the body but behind the back.

Player 1 dribbles across the width of the field, player 2 tries to tap the ball away. When this succeeds, the roles are reversed. Players are allowed to use several dribbling techniques.


The players stand around the bucket or on the free throw line and try to score in the basket. Vary their position and distance.

Players dribble from the center line to the free throw line and try to score from there within 5 seconds.

  • After you make the lay-up,
  • you catch the ball and
  • pass the ball with a bouncing pass to a player without the ball in the line you came from


Half of the basketball players have a ball.

These basketball players dribble all over the room.

On the whistle they pass the ball to someone they first made eye contact with.

The pass they use to do so is up to them.

Choose the pass that is best in the situation.

If you are close to the ball, do not pass.


Players must be able to dribble away from the ball at an angle with one hand at the side

Preparatory exercises:

  • with one, passing the ball in front of the body with a flat bounce from left to right
  • Same with two hands, bringing the ball with the left hand from right to left and vice versa (so that the player is forced to bring the hand over the ball and exert force on the side instead of the top of the ball)

practise speed and direction change with the ball behind the body and a 180 degree turn of the body


  • players dribble zigzagging between two lines along the length of the field
  • when they reach a longitudinal line, they make a spin dribble
  • change direction and accelerate
  • when the first dribbler reaches the extended free throw line, the next one starts

Teaching points:

  • look over the ball and survey the court in front of you
  • Stop in 2 TR
  • Leg on the side of the ball is behind
  • Hand over the ball
  • First turn your head, then your trunk and then the ball
  • Turn the trunk quickly
  • back foot makes a turn of about 270 degrees

Start left and right



players must already have good dribbling skills

practice retreat dribble to get out of a kick


  • use the length of the field
  • defender 2 forces attacker 1 to the sideline with slides
  • defender 3 sets up the kick by closing off the sideline
  • dribbler creates space with a retreat dribble
  • dribbles between the legs
  • and attacks the free shoulder of 2

Teaching points:

  • put the body between the 2 defenders and the ball
  • Feet perpendicular to the direction of movement
  • Take off hard and make a jump to the back


  • AFTER retreat dribble with between the legs OR under the buttocks by changing hands
  • if you cross the centre line without the ball being tapped away by a defender, you play 1 on 2 on the other basket
  • OR if you only have a quarter court: from the midline back 1v1 on the basket you left.


Players should have a reasonable grasp of the basic technique of dribbling.

players practice surveying the surroundings while dribbling


  • players 1, 2 and 3 stand about two metres away from a wall they dribble with their weak hand
  • players 3, 4 and 5 throw a tennisball against the wall in such a way that it bounces in front of the strong hand of the dribbler
  • the dribbler grabs it and throws the tennisball over his shoulder to his buddy
  • change after one or two minutes

Teaching points:

dribble with strength from the wrist



Players should have a reasonable grasp of the basic technique of dribbling.

To have players dribble by feel while having their attention focused on something else


  • each player puts a ribbon in his pants as a tail
  • dribble inside the three-points area
  • take the tail of another player and hang it around your neck.
  • the game is over when there is no player left with a tail

dribble with the weak hand only

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