Basketball drills for dribbling

  • Everyone a ball and distribute along the length of the field.
    • Dribble back and forth (jump stop, pivot across, or keep dribbling)
  • Variations:
    • Dribble left back, right back.
    • Tap lines along the way.
    • On the way 5x push ups, 10 abs, 30 sec taps.
    • Low dribble (fast left/right), high dribble with hop, backwards.
    • Between legs, behind the back, turn on axis.
  • Stationary:
    • Through legs (step out, dribble, step back), 8-step low dribble.

  • Everyone a ball
    • Outward zigzag dribble around cones
    • Midline backline sprint/dribble
    • Side/slides over the back line
    • Back various commands (Crabwalk, backwards dribble, between the legs)
    • 5x push-ups, abs on midline
    • Finish with lay-up or shot from the hoop
  • Start slowly as a warming-up
  • Then faster and faster (keep distance)
  • Coach lining up on the way back to give different assignments

All players a ball in a circle around the coach

  • Successively:
    • Right: normal dribble, through the knees, defend the ball
    • Right: normal dribble, look at the trainer, not at the ball
    • Left: normal dribble, through the knees, defend the ball
    • Left: normal dribble, look at the trainer, not at the ball
  • Right/left alternate:
    • High hard dribble
    • Very low dribble
    • Sit on the buttocks low dribble
    • Lying down low dribble
    • Left/Right dribble with 1 hand
    • Dribble Front/Back 1 hand
    • Dribble through the legs
    • Machine gun
  • 2 rows on the baseline, relay:
    • Quickly dribble with the right and back
    • Dribble with the left and back again
    • Backward dribble with right
    • Backward dribble with the left

  • 10 minutes:
    • 5'right
    • 5'left
  • 2 lines
    • right side 2 balls
    • Half of players right side
    • half of players left side to rebound
  • Player a does V-cut and gets ball from player b and stops in jump-stop.
  • He pivots (front left) with his left leg to the basket and gets into triple treath position.
  • After a fake shot, he leaves right-handed dribble, left leg big step past the cone to the basket for a lay-up.
  • Player c takes the rebound and goes to the other side for a shot at 45 degrees, after which he connects with the passers.
  • For fitness this is a good exercise:
  • The group has to line up and you let them start dribbling slowly.
  • As soon as the trainer blows the whistle, the last one in line should run forward.
  • Do this until everyone has run and then let them finish the circle.
  • One row on the baseline/corner and one row in the center circle with ball.
  • Pass to the corner and then run to the same corner and get the ball back at the post.
  • Then there are a number of possibilities such as open-step or crossover and 1 vs 0 to the basket.
  • Adjuster takes care of the rebound.

Everyone a ball

  • Outward zig/zag dribble around pawns and finish with lay-up
  • Back various assignments (Crabwalk, backwards dribble, between the legs) and also finish with lay-up
  • start quietly as a warming-up, then faster and faster
  • Coach lining up at the return to give various assignments.
  • Everyone has a ball.
  • One person is the catcher and stands on the center line, the rest stands on the free throw line and tries to reach the other free throw line without being caught.
  • All normal rules apply such as run and second dribble.
  • If you are tagged, you also become tagged.
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