Basketball drills for passing

  • rebounder (1) passes to outlet (2) 
  • and runs behind the outlet along the sideline to the other side to get the ball back for a layup.
  • Outlet (2) passes to a man in center circle (3), 
  • He then dribbles to approx. the 3-point line and plays a bounce pass to (1) for lay-up.
  • (3) takes the rebound and is becomes (1) at the opposite site of the field
    • With 10 persons or more, include one (4) in the far corner. 
    • In that case, (3) passes to (4), which then gives a bounce pass to (1) 
    • and then grabs the rebound and becomes (1).

This exercise helps players with their conditioning and their ability to shoot a ball while running as well as when they are tired.

1. break up your team into three groups of four players each. One group is located on each baseline and one group is in the middle of the court, as shown in the picture.

2. The four players on the center line must spread out along the center line.

3. the groups of four players standing on the baselines each get a basketball. 

4. When the whistle sounds, the players in the middle run to the baseline and ask for a ball that is passed to them by a player on the baseline.

5. The player then catches the ball, shoots at the nearest basket and retrieves his own rebound.

6. The person who has passed the ball runs to the other end of the court and gets a pass from the other baseline and the rotation continues.

Learning points

  • players should be reminded to work hard in this exercise for conditioning purposes. 
  • They should also give a target for passing the ball and use appropriate footwork and shooting techniques. 
  • Make sure that the passes are clean and good


  • The type of scoring can be varied in this exercise (3-point, mid-range, lay-ups, etc.)
  • Give the players a  certain time and a goal for the number of points to be made. 
  • This can be varied depending on the ability of the team or the time you have available.



Lay-up exercise across the width of the room:

After you've made the lay-up, catch the ball and play it through with a bounce pass to a player without the ball in the row you came from!


  • Depends on the number of balls. 
  • In pairs or alone
  • When alone:
    • Start at your position, dribble across the basket. 
    • Set or Jumpshot from your position (Guard, forward, center). 
    • Up to 8 points.
  • In pairs: 
    • Start at your position, pass to the opposite side of the basket. 
    • Last pass should be good so that shooter in jumpshot is ready for his/her shot. 
    • Up to 4 points per player. 
    • Losers: Slides over the width of the pitch, 1x back and forth.
  • Two rows at the three-point line, extended freethrow line. 
  • 1 row with ball(s). Player row 1 makes quick cut through the bucket.
  • Pass row 2 to player row 1. 
  • Jump stop just past the ring. 
  • About 1m of basket. Fakeshot. 
  • Pivoting and reverse lay-up. 
  • Turn pivot foot around defender. (Keep the defender in the back). 1 shot attempt. 
  • On 2 baskets at the same time depending on the number of players.
  • 1 row of players stands in the corner at the 3-point line without ball. (A)
  • 1 row of players stands 1 meter outside the bucket and 1 meter below the free throwing line with ball. (B)
  • A runs to edge of the bucket on baseline and blocks (fictional). (2 pilons)
  • Cuts to head of the bucket, turns in with right foot, gets pass from B. B follows the pass.

  • Defense. A takes shot/ lay-up...
  • B moves to row A. Player A catches his own ball and connects in row B.
  • Left and right, basic drill for pick & roll offense.
  • Can be played with 2 baskets.
  • 2 baskets, minimum 5 players per basket needed.
  • 1 player left sideline (A) extended free throw line. 1 right (B) same but with ball.
  • 1/2 (C) players under the basket. 1 player C sets up on free throw line. Helpside defense stands.
  • This player defends striker coming in from left (A) to get ball from passer (B) right.
  • Stealing ball, 1 v 1. Attacker scores, back to A. If they do not score, back to B.
  • B joins C after passing.

  • Two men around the bucket for defense
  • Three attackers:
  • Attacker 1 passes the ball to attacker 2 
  • All three attackers pass the ball around until one sees a gap and can get into the bucket
  • He adjusts the ball and tries to score
  • Up to 5 points, then switch roles and the attacker who has scored least stays in the attack.
  • A row with ball at the head of the bucket.
  • A row behind the free throw line on the right.
  • Player on the head passes the ball to the forward on the side.
  • The forward makes a strong drive to the triangle (defender), passes the ball out to the forward on weakside.
  • The forward makes a strong drive to the basket.
  • The player in front and the other forward who has passed go for the rebound.
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