Basketball drills for passing


Full court shooting and running. Condition and shooting

  • Four or more players are in a circle
  • One or two defenders are in the middle
  • The players wil pass to each other and the middle defenders try to catch the ball
  • Players in the circle cannot pass to the person directly next to him (because otherwise the ball will not go through the middle)
  • If the ball is catched, he will change place with the person who threw the ball
  • Repeat ten times
  • Any pass is legit
  • Row players 3-point line. 
  • Ball 2nd player etc.
  • Defender under the basket.
  • First player runs to defender. Quick post-up, receives pass/keep ball high. NO DRIBBLE!
  • Passive defense, finish.
    1. Fake left, finish right.
    2. Step to left with left foo,than cross step with same foot/pivot and finish right.
    3. One dribble........
  • Shooting drill to move to the free spot against defense. 
    • See fig.1
  • Two-somes. 
    • A passes to B down low. 
    • A, moves to a spot, see fig 1. 
    • Interchange every time.
    • B passes to A. 
    • A takes the shot. 
    • B rebounds. 
    • A returns to starting position and gets pass from B.
    • From the top. 
    • 10 shots, 
    • than change position.

Parcour passing, moving, finishing

  • 5 man weave, 3  idplayers run the weave. 
  • Pass the ball, go round the outsude player, outside player moves in and becomes midplayer and soforth. 
  • Last 2 players that touched the ball become defenders. 
  • Defending 2 players in the court. 
  • One inbouncer. 
  • 3 against two full court.
  • A) Player with ball starts on baseline. 
  • One defender (E) weakside of the bucket low offensive end.
  • Pass the ball to pos. B, 
  • pos B passes to pos C. 
  • Pos C passes back to running (A) player. 
  • Player passes ball to the corner D.
  • D) Corner tries to score/lay-up via the baseline. 
  • Defender steps in and defends baseline. 
  • Player A comes in like a trailer and can get the pass if D has not scored yet.
  • Rotate every position, A becomes B, has to run back via other side court. E becomes A, B-C, C-D, D-E.


  • Start middle A. 
  • Passes to the side B. 
  • B dribbles up along sideline and takes offensive position.
  • A becomes defender.
  • C and D set screens away from the ball, or backscreen.Defenders E and F allowed to switch and.
  • Offence until score or rebound defense. 
  • (Till 5)Loser push-ups.


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