Basketball drills for shooting

  • Players in a row on the free throw line or for U10 and U12 a bit closer to the basket (put down pilons).
  • First two players have a ball.
  • Player 1 tries to shoot. 
  • When the ball is thrown, player 2 may also shoot.
  • If the player misses, go for the rebound as fast as possible, try to score from the area where the rebound is picked up (if it is behind the baseline, dribble in a bit).
  • If player 2 scores before player 1, player 1 is finished and is not allowed to play again.
  • After a goal is scored, pass as soon as possible to player 3 plays so that he can 'kill' his predecessor.
  • Connect yourself at the back of the row.
  • Play on until there is 1 player left. 
  • Note that the player who has to be played has to get out at the right side to be able to play. And that the scorer rebounds the ball as fast as possible and plays it back with a good tight pass.

  • A line with the ball on the head of the bucket.
  • A row behind the freethrow line on the right.
  • Player on the head passes the ball to the forward on the side.
  • The forward makes a strong drive to the basket.
  • The player on the head goes for the rebound.
  • Set-up.
  • Have players line up on the baseline and assign the players numbers.
  • The Drill - the coach rolls or tosses a ball to the center of half court and calls out a number.
  • In this case, #4.
  • The two players assigned #4 attack the basketball, the player the wins the ball first is on offense and tries to score on the basket by the coach.
  • Players are allowed one shot.
  • Variations - Call two numbers.


Full court shooting and running. Condition and shooting


3 players, 2 balls

  • 2 shoot, 1 goes out, rebound, and pass
  • Same, but now go to your strength, and shoot
  • Same but now go to your cross


  • Call names, call for ball => don't pass if they don't call your name
  • Be ready! Tripple threat
  • Step into the shot
  • Game speed, over exagerate
  • Shooting drill to move to the free spot against defense. 
    • See fig.1
  • Two-somes. 
    • A passes to B down low. 
    • A, moves to a spot, see fig 1. 
    • Interchange every time.
    • B passes to A. 
    • A takes the shot. 
    • B rebounds. 
    • A returns to starting position and gets pass from B.
    • From the top. 
    • 10 shots, 
    • than change position.

A) Post comes from weakside and posts-up. Gets pass from B.
B cuts from stronside to elbow. Gets pass from A and shoots. A rebound. Switch rows.


  • Goal: 
    • Get shooter free shot wing.
  • 3 rows. Guard 1 with ball.
  • 2 and 3 wing. 
  • Wing 2 sets low screen perimeter bucket. (Later double with center)
  • Wing 3 cuts through bucket past screen. 
  • Set screen so Wing 3 can cut to wing, free shot.
  • If defender cheats, touch Wing 2. 
  • Wing 2 goes up, 3 go's back to orig. position.
  • Always roll after screen.
    • 1 go's to 2, 
    • 2 go's to 3. 
    • 3 go's to 2
  • 2 baskets. 5x2 Free throws. 6 must be in.
  • Rest team around bucket must destract shooter. No touching and not in front off player.
  • Less than 6 is 20- sit-ups.
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