Basketball drills for shooting

  • The players stand around the bucket or on the free throw line and try to score in the basket.
  • Vary their position and distance.
  • Players dribble from the center line to the free throw line and try to score from there within 5 seconds.

Competition form.

  • 2 groups against each other.
  • You have to make 15 good lay-ups with your group.
  • If you succeed, you sit down and you've won.
  • As an extension of this, in two minutes you have to make as many lay-ups as possible with your group.
  • At least 3 balls per group so you don't have to wait for the ball.
  • The lay-up must at least have a two step rhythm otherwise it does not count.
  • Approximately 4 to 5 minutes.


  • We are going to work on two baskets and therefore also in 2 groups.
  • (How many groups you make depends on the number of baskets. More baskets means more groups).
  • Half of a group stands approximately on the center line on the right side of the basket.
  • The other half starts on the left side just beside the basket.
  • These persons have the ball and throw the ball to the person on the center line.
  • This person dribbles the ball to the basket, makes a lay-up, catches the ball and joins the line next to the basket.


This drill will help develop proper passing and shooting techniques. This drill also emphasizes communication between teammates
  1. Divide the team into four squads. One team on each block and one team on each elbow. Give each team one ball.
  2. The first person in each line shoots and follows his shot, passing it back to the next person in his line.
  3. After rebounding the ball, the shooter returns the ball to the line they were in and rotates clockwise to the end of the next spot. Rotations are shown in the diagram.
  4. All four lines work as a team and keep track of the total number of shots scored.

  • Emphasize to the players that communication is very important in this drill.
  • Players must make game-winning passes and their shots must also be taken at game level.
  • The time limit of this exercise can be changed from five minutes to whatever you like or number of shots scored
  • Also the spots on the court where the players shoot from can be varied


  • One person shoots free throws.
  • Two other players stand behind the one who throws the free throw.
    • According to the rules of the game
  • Once the ball is gone the three players go for the rebound.
  • If the person who made the free throw has the ball, he can make another free throw.
  • If he doesn't have the ball, the 2 other players go to the other side of the court to attack, 2 against 1.
  • If attacker is pressured by defender then go to free man, otherwise keep going until lay-up.
  • The next three players get ready to execute the exercise.
  • 2 teams
  • take turns shooting from all the blocks and dashes on the bucket edge
  • and the free throw line together 5 hit
  • three groups of two per basket
  • try to make qualitatively equal pairs
  • How?
    • 1 pair in front, 2 in forward positions
    • take turns making a drive, alternating attack/defence
    • First of the pair to have 5 points, wins.
  • The player gets the ball thrown to you
  • Do a crossover and shoot the ball at the first position
  • Do the same at the second position
  • And so onshot-drill

  • wave-9
    With 3 men on the back line and the middle one has the ball
  • The middle passes to a man and runs after the ball
  • The man in the middle passes to the man on the other side, who also runs after the ball.
  • They do this while running to the basket on the other side.
  • When someone is close enough to the basket, the man runs a lay-up.
  • He becomes the defender and the other two attackers must try to reach each other with a long ball.
  • The goal of the defender is to prevent the attackers from scoring.
  • If the attackers do not manage to score, they must do 5 push-ups.


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