Basketball drills for system

  • We're gonna dribble!
  • Dribble the ball from left to right.
  • With feints in between. High. Low. Fast and slow.
  • Look closely at the options you have.

Creative “numbers†drill

  • Attacker O1 starts the drill by initiating dribble penetration;
  • Then all the other players in line move;
  • Attackers try to score, defenders try to stop ball;
  • If successful, 4-on-0 break on other basket;
  • Scoring system and possibly time-limit to your own interpretation;
  • Players may run free at their own discretion;

Teaching point: An open driving lane is a more or less perpendicular path to the basket or to a help defender in the bucket.

Help defense is out of position = 1-to-1

This rule does apply after five passes. So again: We play 1-on-1 only after five passes!



  • Basket insight into positional play, knowledge of feint movements


  • learn to move in attack and fill the free spot


  • 5 spots
  • 1 player / spot (U10 4 players, U12 5 players)
    • Position 1 passes to position 2, 
    • Feint and cut through towards the basket. 
    • Meanwhile position 3 takes the place of position 1 and position 5 takes the place of position 3. 
    • Cutting player takes place of position 5 (= spot released). 
    • Perform automatically 5 passes and then score via lay-up or jump-shot.

Teaching Points

  • Good chest/bounce pass, 
  • Quick cut with feint (angular), 
  • Open spot fill up, 
  • Get ball = in shooting position watch basket first before passing.


Set up 3x3. Ball in the middle, no dribbles. 

  • Player with ball must pivot and protect ball. 
  • Players without ball must run free, 
  • Defenders splitvision to intercept the ball
  • Pay attention to a good fit
  • Set up players: 
    • 1 with ball on the head (pos 1/white), 
    • 1 in position 2 or 3 (blue), 
    • The rest on 4 or 5 (same side as the forward, red). 
    • A defender or pilon somewhere around the free throw line or closer to 1 (is the defender of 1)
  • White passes to blue and immediately makes a cutting movement. 
    • Feint to the left and cut across the defender
  • Blue passes the ball to white in its movement and takes position 1. 
    • First of red fills in the position of blue.
  • White scores with the ball and the ball goes back to the new player in position 1. 
    • White follows red and becomes the last player in the red row.
  • The exercise starts again.
  • At the whistle each player chooses a position around the three-point line
  • Who will stand where is not (yet) told. (chaos)
  • The trainer passes to one of the players and that player must try to score while the trainer defends.
  • At the whistle, each player runs to an agreed position (designated or mutually determined who will stand where).
  • The trainer passes the ball to a player who is trying to score while defending.
  • The other players are not allowed to come within the three-point line.        
    • At the whistle each player runs to their chosen position (agreed place).
    • The trainer passes to one of the players and that player must try to score while the trainer defends.
    • Now one of the other players may enter the circle and help with the attack. As soon as the ball has been passed, the person without the ball leaves the circle, after which another player may ask for the ball. There are never more than two attacking players within the three-point line.       

Repeat each exercise 3 times

  • Two men around the bucket for defense
  • Three attackers:
  • Attacker 1 passes the ball to attacker 2 
  • All three attackers pass the ball around until one sees a gap and can get into the bucket
  • He adjusts the ball and tries to score
  • Up to 5 points, then switch roles and the attacker who has scored least stays in the attack.

Parcour passing, moving, finishing

  • Goal: 
    • Get shooter free shot wing.
  • 3 rows. Guard 1 with ball.
  • 2 and 3 wing. 
  • Wing 2 sets low screen perimeter bucket. (Later double with center)
  • Wing 3 cuts through bucket past screen. 
  • Set screen so Wing 3 can cut to wing, free shot.
  • If defender cheats, touch Wing 2. 
  • Wing 2 goes up, 3 go's back to orig. position.
  • Always roll after screen.
    • 1 go's to 2, 
    • 2 go's to 3. 
    • 3 go's to 2
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