Basketball drills for warming-up

  • 2 opposite each other, bend their knees in the sitting position and come up and kick forward with the left and right leg alternately.



Two persons face to face in a lying position. They push themselves up and give each other a hand slap (see photo)


  • Pairs run from baseline to baseline on the right side of the field,
  • meanwhile chest pass back and forth,
  • distance between them is approx. 3 metres.
  • Return on the left side, but then with bounce-pass.

Line to line

  • Right, left, skipping, handball, one-legged handball
  • Stay behind the trainer, sprint


  • Crossover with hesitation, fake crossover
  • Between the legs
  • Behind the back
  • Combo, e.g. between the legs and behind the back


  • Cap steps, sprint
  • Slides
  • Cap steps, slides at each line

  • 3 lines a few meters apart.
  • Each line has a name (apple pear or banana).
  • The children start on a line.
  • Trainer calls out a fruit and the children must run to that line as fast as they can.

Players gather on the right or left side of the center line.
The first two have a ball.
There are two catchers under the basket.
From the center line you dribble to the basket and make a lay-up.
The catcher catches the ball and passes it to the next player in line.
You do this until you have scored 15 times and then you change sides.


2-ball-pass-2-man-shot-basketball-drill-1Player 1 has 2 balls and dribbles to the pawn with both balls.

Player 2 cuts from the corner to the wing.

Player 1 makes a 1 hand push pass to player 2 on the wing.

With the other ball player 1 makes a cross over and shoots the ball.

Player 2 makes a jump shot.

  • 2 rows on the center line and an outlet.
  • Right side starts with ball and runs lay-up and left side catches it as high as possible.
  • The catcher passes to the outlet and the outlet to the next man in the right row, etc.
  • After a desired number of scores, do the same on the other side.figure-circles-1

Row under the basket, 2 in the center circle and two on the out.

  • Row passes to Out (and runs straight to the other basket)
  • Out passes to center
  • Center passes to the inbounds player.


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