Basketball drills for warming-up

  1. with 1 ball (repeat 2 or 3 times)
  2. Stand in a circle
    • 1 ball / dribble on the spot
    • call name of the other and bounce pass
    • No name mentioned is out of the circle!
    • Not captured, out of the circle!
  3. same with 2 balls (repeat 2 or 3 times)

Row under the basket, two in the center circle and two on the out.

  • Row plays to Out (and runs straight to the other basket)
  • Out passes to middle
  • Center passes to the catching player. 
  • rebounder (1) passes to outlet (2) 
  • and runs behind the outlet along the sideline to the other side to get the ball back for a layup.
  • Outlet (2) passes to a man in center circle (3), 
  • He then dribbles to approx. the 3-point line and plays a bounce pass to (1) for lay-up.
  • (3) takes the rebound and is becomes (1) at the opposite site of the field
    • With 10 persons or more, include one (4) in the far corner. 
    • In that case, (3) passes to (4), which then gives a bounce pass to (1) 
    • and then grabs the rebound and becomes (1).
  • Place the ball at a pilon on 1/3 of the square
  • At the start signal you run to the pilon, grab the ball and dribble on.
    • You have to dribble or stand still within 2 steps.
  • Dribble to the next basket, score and catch the ball
  • Two rows at the centerline
  • The first two have a ball - Right
  • From the center line you dribble to the basket:
    • Layup (15x hit in a row, a player under the basket catches the ball and counts, play again if the player didn't count)
    • Shots from bucket (7 in a row)
  • The player under the basket starts when the dribbler starts.
  • Coach goes further and further back.
  • 4 groups of players in each corner of the field.
  • 4 cones in the center circle
  • 2 balls on each sideline
    • player sprints to the cone
    • defence slide to sideline
    • running backwards (looking over shoulder to ring)
    • then the next player starts.
    • In a next step, after the defence slides, the player picks up the ball and finishes with lay-up. 
      • Take rebound and pass to next in line. 
      • player then dribbles to the cone and outside. 
      • Put the ball down there and then sprint back to baseline.
    • Then the exercise starts again.

  • Set-up.
  • Two lines facing the basket.
  • One line is the Layup line, the other line is the rebounding line.
  • First two players in the playup line have a basketball.
  • The drill - First player in line with a ball dribbles the ball to shoot a lay-up.
  • Shooter joins rebounding line.
  • Rebounder joins shooting line.
  • Coaching point- Aim ball and push it in small square on the back board.
  • Two lines, 
    • one a meter behind mid-court, 
    • other behind circle on defense side.
  • Two balls in middle
  • Two hard dribbles, jump stop, pass for layup.
  • 3 players on baseline. 
  • Middle one wth ball. 
  • Weave to midcourt and back.score. 
  • Two baskets.
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