Basketball drills for warming-up


Triplets with a ball.

  • Trainer throws ball against the board, team must rebound and choose outlet.
  • Trainer blocks off one side so they have to pick and ask for the ball!
  • Outlet dribbles to the middle and 3X0 completes with a layup (pace.)

  • Depending on the level of the U12 explain: outlet, ask for the ball (hands), fill in lines and run attack.
  • Trainer can be disruptive at the 2x1, pay attention to left and right handed dribbling.

Divide the group into pairs.

Passing to the other side:

  • First 2-groups fit around the whole field.
  • 3 meter distance, no running
  • Variant: at the halfway line:
    • Player on the inside dribbles to the head of the bucket and passes to the player on the outside who scores with lay-up/shot.
  • Player who has passed runs to the other sideline and receives outlet, passes back to the center line and again shot/layup
  • Left and right side

Important that they do not run during the pass and that the players change (inside and outside).


Players start at the bottom of the ring in 2 lines.

1) On the right side of the ring, players make a zig-zag run with the ball, changing direction at each cone (cross, behind the back, through the legs and spin move).

  • Once at the center line, the player dribbles with the left hand towards the cones #1 here you do a backup dribble and go with a cross-over past the cones and finish with a lay-up.

2) On the left side of the ring, players do a short/explosive zig-zag and sprint from the last pawn to the center line.

  • Once at the center line, they dribble right-handed to cones #2, here they do a backup dribble and crossover past the cones and finish with lay-up.

  • At cones #1 and #2 you can vary with crossover, behind the back, through the legs and spin move
  • Finish with lay-up or short distance shot

  • The players start from one side of the ring with a zig-zag stepslide to the centre line.
  • From the cone at the half way line, they sprint to the goal, receive the pass and finish with a lay-up.
  • After the lay-up the players take their own rebound and take the place of the passer.
  • With enough players this exercise can also be done on a full court.
  • Ball leaves the baseline
  • pass to player on mid-line-sideline -> player follows ball and runs up the field
  • player returns the pass and cuts through towards the ring
  • the pass is given to the 2nd player on the half way line
  • player gives the pass to the player that is cutting towards the ring
  • finishing with a lay-up
  • The player on the baseline runs to the wing position, gets the pass and turns towards the goal to look for a shot.
  • The winger with the ball does 2 cross dribbles between the cones and then finishes with a lay-up or shot
  • Everyone a ball, line up in a large circle.
  • Trainer shows the exercise, players follow:
    • Spread out and roll the ball in an 8-shape between the legs.
    • Roll the ball around your waist, head legs (change direction)
    • Dribble with left, right, change hands.
    • let the whole group dribble at the same time (rhythm exercise, all in rhythm!)
    • dribble between your legs
    • dribble behind your back
    • Shot movement upwards (extend arm, point, catch)
    • Spread position (move the ball in an 8-shape without touching the ground)

  • Warming-up for U16, where the focus is mainly on warming up in combination with a bit of ballhandling.
  • finger tip over head for chest cupboard.
  • around head, waist, knee
  • make between legs
  • release ball between legs and change hands to catch without impact.
  • throw ball behind back over shoulder left right.
  • 10x right dribble 10x left dribble. pushing hard on the ball and not looking at the ball.
  • 2x right cross to left 2x left cross ... Don't look at ball
  • Dribble an 8 through the legs and keep the ball low.
  • Keep dribbling the ball behind your back.
  • Dribble between the legs front and back
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