Basketball drills for warming-up

  • Halfway through the normal dribbling height, the ball is brought to the other dribbling hand with a wrist strike via a flat bounce.
  • At the moment the movement is started, the right leg steps forward,
  • so that the ball can reach the left hand unimpeded.
  • The ball passes in front of the left foot.
  • The ball is taken low with the other hand.
  • After the takeover the body turns over the left foot between the ball and the defender,
  • where the free (bent) arm again has a protective function.

  • The knees and ankles are bent strongly during the low dribble, allowing the ball to stay extra low to the ground.
  • The torso and head, on the other hand, remain practically straight.
  • The gaze is directed towards the opponent(s) and the rest of the field of play
  • The free (slightly bent) arm is turned towards the opponent and has a protective function.
  • If the situation requires, the body is brought between the opponent and the ball.

  • Bringing the ball up to the attacking half.
  • Fast break.
  • When the way to the basket is clear.
  • One-on-one situations.
  • Drive, between defenders.
  • Freeing up to get into a better shot position or passing opportunity.
  • Escape from a situation where passing is simply not possible and the ball must be protected.
  • feet in parallel position; ball in both hands in front of chest.
  • eyes focused on the goal.
  • Step with the left foot in the direction of the pass,
  • so that the left side of the body comes in front (turning in);
  • At the same time, the ball is brought behind the head with both hands;
  • the body weight rests on the back leg.
  • The elbow is under the ball;
  • the angle between the upper and lower arm is about 90 degrees;
  • the fingers of the throwing hand are spread.
  • next: turn your hips and trunk to the left;
  • the left hand will lose contact with the ball and is held horizontally to protect the action;
  • the elbow is bent.
  • The right arm swings in a straight line past the head in the direction of the goal; the movement ends with the wrist being folded over.
  • The right arm swings in a straight line along the head towards the target; the movement ends with the flick of the wrist; the ball is pointed after by the throwing arm,
  • while the wrist hangs down in a relaxed position.
  • During the action, the body weight is transferred to the front foot.

  • Players are spread out in the room; everyone has a ball.
  • Closed foot stance; arms extended above head; ball is held with fingertips.
  • The ball is passed back and forth between the two hands quickly and tightly.
  • Like a; arms bent slowly until the ball is in front of the head; then extended again.
  • If a; standing and squatting alternate.
  • If a; who can sit down and stand up again without dropping the ball?


  • Players stand in a circle; pass the ball to your neighbour; after the ball has gone round several times, bring another ball into the circle.
  • Depending on the number of players add more balls.
  • Variation: the players stand alternately facing or with their backs to the circle.
  • Horizontal circles; the ball is passed sideways to the partner, who gives the ball back on the other side.
  • Vertical circles; passing the ball above the head, accepting it between the legs.
  • Eight circles; the ball is passed between the players; turn against each other; after receiving, pass the ball in front of the body to the other side.
  • As previous exercise; perform with arms extended.
  • Players are spread out in the room; everyone has a ball.
  • The ball is held between the legs with two hands. The right hand is in front of the body and the left hand behind the body.
  • The ball must be prevented from falling to the floor by changing hands very quickly.
  • Circle the ball alternately around: hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, chest, head.
  • Foot Stride; circle the ball first around the different parts of the front leg, then the back leg.
  • Spreading stance; same as previous exercise.
  • As previous exercise. After each circle alternate with the other leg.
  • Eight circle.
  • Alternate between squatting and standing while dribbling.
  • Dribble while sitting down and standing up again.
  • Dribble while lying on your back; stand up while dribbling at the signal.
  • Dribble while lying down and standing up again.

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