Handball drills for all skills

  • The group is lined up in the four corners of the field.
  • A ticker with a party ribbon
  • At a signal they cross the field in three directions:
  • the short side, the long side or diagonally.
  • On their return, they score one, two or three points respectively.
  • A ticker operates in the room and forces the ticked children to go back to his corner before he can cross again.
  • How many points can you get in an agreed time?
  • 2 teams of 3 players
  • 1 team defends other team will attack
  • 2 goalkeepers on each side / but can also be played on 1 half
  • team red (e.g.) attacks / tries to score a goal or put the ball in the 6 m / if it takes too long the trainer will whistle
  • then comes the changeover team red becomes defender immediately and team blue (e.g.) attacks all over the pitch
  • 100% attack and defence



  • 2 Builders play the ball to each other at a steady pace, each time making a forward threat.
  • The defender performs a correct defensive stance.
  • Stepping out / inserting Runner sideways
  • Variation:
    • The trainer gives an optical signal after which the attacker comes 1 against 1 followed by a completion on goal.
  • At the end of the training, have the two teams play against each other.
  • Coaching them, but letting the game run.
  • Point out the pressure they have to put on and how to connect.
  • Make sure the children apply the distance shot and various passing moves.
  • MO plays ball to RO or LO, build-up starts in direction of corner and corner comes running in.
  • Construction plays ball near sideline to corner player who presses between 1 and 2 and plays ball to MO.
  • LH or RH does NOT go through to the circle - corners go back to their position and stand deep
  • MO (who has the ball) presses the defence and passes to LO or RO who again presses between 1and2and plays the corner free
  • You spread out 4 thin mats and divide the players into 2 teams (1 team with vests and 1 team without vests).
  • Goal: 10 passes and then tap the mat with the ball.
  • 1st phase: *no contact - no dribble - take 3 steps according to handball rules
  • 2nd phase: *well contact - no dribble - don't pass back - sit on the mat (max.3 sec) and get pass to score
  • Goalkeeper in goal,
  • rest of the players have a ball and spread out on the left straight.
  • 1 or 2 players stand in the middle to play.
  • Player plays the ball to the MO then footwork over the rents (3, sprinting over) then get the ball back, left right action and shoot at goal)
  • after the goal attempt, sprint around the cones to get the ball and join the other sides
  • middle l/re high li/re middle l/re low diagonal bounce free


Make 3 teams: 1 stands 2 meters for the sideline, 1 stands in the middle, the other stands 2 meters for the other sideline.

The ones in the middle have the ball

  • 1. Dribble/putt on towards the 1st one on the sideline pass the ball and the other one runs to the other sideline and so on.
  • 2. Advance to the sideline, make a zero pass (the other one has to defend) the defender gets the ball and does the same on the other side.
  • - Note: player lands 1 meter in front of the defender, player must land on front feet, makes a body threat and passes the other side, speed up
  • 3. Same as 2, but now zero pass on left/right leg.
  • - Attention: player lands on 1 meter in front of the defender, makes sure he takes his upper body with him while landing and accelerating
  • 4. same as 2, but now with overpowering.
  • - Pay attention: that the zero axis is made slightly next to the defender, one long arm, that the player pushes down the defender's arm with the other arm, accelerate

  • Two persons sit side by side on a circle, facing the other side of the field.
  • - Variation: standing, sitting on buttocks, lying on stomach, lying on back, plank posture
  • Trainer throws a ball from behind in front of them.
  • As soon as they see the ball, they stand up and see who gets the ball first.
  • The fastest becomes attacker, the other must defend.
  • Finish on the other side.