Handball drills for all skills



Moving with ball

  • Hold the ball in front of you and walk / heels - buttocks / lift the knee
  • Hold the ball above your head and slide / cross pass
  • Holding the ball in front of you, take a big step forward and sink your knees to an angle of about 90°. (Lunges)


  • Lift your knee with one leg, leave the other leg straight
  • Change legs at the pillar
  • With 1 leg hook buttocks, keep other leg straight
  • Change legs at the pilon
  • Move through the knees, arms with you
  • Make passing movements in the run


  • Line up three pawns on each build.
  • Twice around the pawn
  • Receive ball from other player
  • Finish on goal.

  • Notice:
    • Arm high, good leg in front, pointing to the ball, trunk work
  • Objective:
    • Footwork and throwing

  • Goalkeeper in goal,
  • Rest of the players have a ball.
  • Players stand at build-up position
  • LO: jumps with both legs over the racks and throws at goal
  • RO: first do the speed ladder and throw at goal
  • After attempting to get the ball and connect other sides again.
  • Mdden- li/re high-li/re middle- li/re low- diagonal-bounce- free

  • Goalkeeper in goal
  • Rest of the players have a ball
  • Player stands on the build-up positions
  • Picks up the ball and throws at goal
  • After the attempted goal, sprint around the pawn to the sideline
  • Sprint to the middle line, then fetch the ball and join the other sides.
  • Middle li/re high li/re middle li/re low diagonal bounce free

  • Dribbling to the pylon
  • Passing move.
  • Backwards, pass the ball to the next player in line.
  • Option:
    • Roll the ball and when it's halfway, follow it.
    • Pick it up. idem.




  • Make 2 rows on the 6 meter at the height of LO and RO (1 row needs balls).
  • The first two of the row run towards the other 6 meter line, while doing so they play the ball over (finishing on goal). Run back.

Focus on:

  • Max 3 steps with the ball.
  • Accelerate when picking up the ball.
  • Good ball handling
  • Depth in the game (do not run on the same line).


  • 3 teams (LO, MO, RO)
  • 5 team (LH, LO, MO , RO, RH)
    • Make sure the corner players are away first and can only get the ball when they are in scoring position.

  • 4 hats, 1,2,3 & 4
  • The trainer calls which one you touch.
  • Forward around the pylon.

  • Hats further apart.
  • Dribble to the hat with number 1 2 3 or 4


Make 2 pairs

  • Setting out the route
    • 5 exercises
    • Do 1 minute exercise
    • Then switch and do the other exercise.
    • Then move on.
  • Exercises:
    1. Ladder with ball in your hand (keep your arm high), back and forth.
    2. T sprint, with pawns set out a T.
      • Sprint from pawn 1 to pawn 2
      • Then move sideways to the left to pawn 3
      • Then move sideways to pawn 4
      • Back to the sidewalk to pawn 2
      • Then backwards to pawn 1
    3. Skipping rope
    4. From sideline to sideline put down pawns.
      • Slalom dribble with the ball.
    5. Front lunges pass between 2 cones.
      • Put your foot forward and in a 90 degree bend.
      • Ball between legs from hand to hand
      • Then the next foot forward and pass the ball under the legs again.
      • Keep the tension on your legs.


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