Handball drills for all skills

  • Make 2 teams. 4 defenders, 6 attackers
  • 8 mats in a circle, 4 defenders try to intercept the ball.
  • Attackers must move to another mat after every ball contact.
    • Free running by stepping on other mats is also allowed!
    • Receive ball only on the mat!
    • Intercepted ball, then change players.
    • Option: chase the ball, free running on another mat is also allowed!
  • Point of attention: defensive position, light on the feet, arms in good position.
    • (oblique to the body and slightly bent)
  • Players jump on 2 legs, different directions.
    • 2 teams follow each other.
    • Without and with ball between ankles.
  • Run on the spot, on signal assume defensive position.
    • (arms slightly bent, legs slightly in stride, knees slightly bent).
  • Run/walk through the hall and on sign do the same.
    • Also with change of direction. (left/right/back and then sign)
  • Teams of 2: shuffle hand in hand, change direction when signaled.
    • (sign verbally or non verbally by me)
  • 2 teams each with 1 ball.
    • Next to each other tip forward, on sign of the ball tip harder, slide to ball of the other and continue tipping.
  • 2 teams of 4 with 1 ball. A, B and C on 1 line with about 2 meter distance.
    • D has the ball, D passes to B, B passes back to D and shoots a straight pass.
    • B steps out and A and C move against each other.
  • 6 defenders inside the 9 meters. 4 attackers outside.
    • Attackers try to get inside the 9.
    • Defenders try to prevent this.


Steps in a row and make sure the children always have the ball up during the exercises:

  • 1 foot on and in between
  • 2 feet on and in between (start with left and right foot)
  • 2 feet on and 3 in between
  • Sideways 2 feet on and in between
  • sideways in the difference (jumping)
  • sideways in the difference with turn

Then move the steps so they are in two long rows next to each other.

  • Again 2 feet on and off and in the difference.
  • Then move the steps around so you can sort of slide through them.
  • Make a jump throw, land on 2 feet (zero axis) and move to the next step.
  • warm up with ball on one half
  • Ball must be tipped / everyone does an exercise.
  • e.g. turn straight arm and tip with the left side / turn left arm and tip with the right side / same for example with heel ......
  • make 2 teams / 1 ball in the 9m
  • 3x replay
  • 1st team starts passing the ball 20x but may not pass to the same player
  • by dropping the ball or leaving the field of play the count will start again
  • are there 20 counts reached both teams sprint to the middle line
  • after 3x retrieve there is a winner / winner may determine what loser does
  • make several teams of 5, 4 or 3 players / depending on the number of players in the training
  • 2 teams start to play against each other
  • who scores continues playing, who does not score leaves the field and a new team comes on the field
  • give different instructions at the beginning, e.g. always a change must be included, no steuten or 10-second rule double score....
  • team of 3 players
  • 1 ball
  • 2 players play the ball to themselves and try to tap the 3th player
  • then change
  • in 10 meter space or on 1 half
  • Player starts from the corner, moves across the circle and out towards the pawns
  • Make 2 rows and then take turns to warm up the goalkeeper, then fetch the ball.
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