Handball drills for all skills

  • Corner passes to bowl,
  • box sets and passes to play,
  • play runs in and finishes at goal.
  • Practice swap
  • Set up and middle, after a few times other set up
  • Switch with the corner
  • Players stand in a line with the ball.
  • the one in front jumps off the bench goes backwards around the bench and throws at goal.
  • the other row joins


  • same with defender


  • Ladder, then sprint to the side lane
  • Push sideways at the cones
  • Sprint between side lines, back outside.parcourt
  • 2 ladders opposite each other,
  • 2 high cones in the middle (on the sides) between the running ladders,
  • 1 pawn with a hockey cap in the middle between the running ladders.
  • From behind the ladders 2 players start at the same time;
  • walk down the ladder,
  • then to the side around the pawn and back to the pawn in the middle,
  • The first one to grab the vest wins.
  • As soon as the jacket is taken, the next 2 players can start.


  • stretch together in a circle on the centerline
  • everyone has to show 1 stretching exercise, the rest will do it too
  • warm up with the ball all over the field
  • You must tip the ball
  • Ball must be in motion
  • hands
    • High (Right-to-left)
    • Low (Right-Left)
    • Free, 9 meter jump shot
  • Two teams, the cards are upside down in the middle of the field on both teams.
  • The intention is that they have turned over 1 to 9 in order,
    • So if they haven't turned over the right card they run back and tap the next one.
  • Ace is 1 and then just continue 2 to 9.