Handball drills for all skills


Stand in a large circle.

  1. Start with one ball.
    • Play around clockwise at pace.
    • Add one ball at a time.
    • Whoever drops the ball has to do 10 push-ups.
    • Also play around counterclockwise.
  2. Player A has the ball.
    • Player B starts inside and gets the ball from player A,
    • Player C starts in and gets the ball from player B etc. etc.
  3. If 2.
    • But.....
    • When player A has passed the ball to player B
    • player A runs clockwise as fast as possible outside the circle back to his / her position before the ball arrives back there.
    • Player A plays to player B again and when player B passes the ball to player C, player B runs as fast as possible clockwise outside the circle etc. etc. with player D, E, F, G etc. etc.

1. duo exercises

  • cross-legged and holding each other by the hands, we gently pull our partner towards us
  • Spread position and we hold each other by the hands, we stretch the hamstrings.
  • Stretching position and we hold on to each other. We bring the legs to a 90° angle and hold this for 20''.
  • Formation by 3: 1 player holds the stick in the middle.
  • The other two stand at opposite ends of the stick.
  • The player who is holding the stick drops it unexpectedly.
  • The 2 others catch the stick with 1 hand before it falls to the ground.
  • You stand in pairs.
  • Goalkeeper holds ball, throws it up.
  • Partner passes the ball to him, goalkeeper passes the ball back to partner.
  • Goalkeeper catches ball thrown up.
  • Per 2.
  • 1 goalkeeper runs backwards - 1 goalkeeper runs forwards.
  • Goalkeeper running backwards has ball behind his back.
  • At intervals, the backward running goalkeeper shows the ball both left and right and at different heights.
  • Depending on the height, the goalkeeper running forward makes the correct move.
  • Goalkeeper jumps forward between 2 lines on 1 leg.
  • At regular intervals he jumps sideways and stops an 'imaginary' ball high.
  • Afterwards the same exercise on the other leg.
  • One goalkeeper in goal with one leg stretched sideways against the post.
  • On signal a ball is thrown down in the opposite corner.
  • Goalkeeper stops the ball with a quick movement in between.
  • Goalkeeper stands 5 m from his goal with a view of his goal.
  • His partner is behind him and rolls the ball towards goal.
  • Goalkeeper reacts and prevents the scoring opportunity.
  • Only leave when the ball is passed.
  • Two players sit side by side on 6 meter line facing the other side of the field.
  • Trainer throws a ball from behind in front of the players.
  • As soon as they see the ball they stand up and see who has the ball first.
  • Finish on the other side.