Handball drills for all skills


switch 42

  • This switch is between the build-up and the middle.
  • They play a 1-2 game with each other.
  • This can be used, but it can also just happen by itself.

Substitution: RUNNER

  • the centre puts in the runner, and calls runner + the person in the corner of the side where the change is to take place
  • the ball goes round one more time and then the corner where the change is to take place starts running past the defence
  • the build-up who got the ball from the corner skips the middle and immediately throws it to the other build-up
  • this build-up makes a threat on goal which makes the defence step out and the corner receive the ball behind this man
  • circle blocks the middle
  • One mat per 2.
  • You work in pairs.
  • One is working on fitness, the other on strength.
  • You do it for 15 minutes.
  • The one doing strength is leading, the other is working on the condition until the one doing strength is done you continue with your condition exercise.
  • 20-18-16-14 etc.
  • person strength has the mat:
    • squats,
    • abs,
    • push-ups.
  • person fitness:
    • Back line (jogging back),
    • middle line (jogging back),
    • 9 meter sprint (jogging back) and
    • sprint 6 meters (quietly back).

Attack - Defence

  • Play around and threaten towards goal/defender
  • 1 of the corner players plays the ball to the other corner player
  • the other corner player rounds to the goal or plays to the build-up player
  • if not successful, then just keep attacking and playing around
  • Both left and right
  • game
  • 2 teams, equal numbers
    • Possibly without a break
    • Possibly without bounce
    • Possibly mixed teams

Everyone a ball and bounce through 6 meter area. Doing different exercises:

  • Bounce the ball through your legs every now and then
  • Bounce the ball behind your back
  • Try to catch the ball from someone else.
  • Bounce on the spot, sit while bouncing, then lie down and then stand up again.
  • Bounce with the wrong hand

Variant with the whistle:

  • 1 whistle means bouncing with the wrong hand,
  • To whistle twice is to pass the ball to someone you see,
  • 3 whistles means bouncing the ball quickly to the touchline and back again.
  • 2 Builders play the ball to each other at a steady pace, each time making a forward threat.
  • The defender performs a correct defensive position.
  • Stepping out / running in
  • Push sideways / run sideways
  • The defenders continuously slide back and forth and provide back cover when attacking on the other side.

Variation: Eventually continue and finish by themselves (one of the trainers can then play the ball)

  • Points of attention attack:
    • Goal-oriented play.
    • Clean passes
    • Putting pressure on
    • Learn a good feint


  • At the end of the training, have the two teams play against each other.
  • Coaching them, but letting the game run.
  • Pointing out the pressure they have to put on and connecting.


  • Make 5 equal groups, 1 group at each side and 3 in the middle.
  • Make sure both sides have several balls.
  • Put 2 defenders (red) just inside the 9 meter line.


  • B1 plays to B2
  • B2 runs to the ball and plays to B3
  • B3 plays to B4 and B4 tries to score.
  • Meanwhile, B1 has to chase the ball to help the defenders.

Then repeat from left to right.

Points of attention:

  • Swap positions clockwise every 2 min,
  • After 10 minutes everyone has played every position.
  • Pass quickly and accurately, if the defenders get the ball, stop the exercise and start again from the other side.