Handball drills for all skills

  • 2 cones in a row on the 9 meter line in different positions, about 2 meters apart.
  • Player starts at front pawn Goes backwards around back pawn.
  • Then get the ball from the trainer and throw 10 balls at the goal at speed.


  • Knee lifts (skippings),
  • Hopping,
  • Connecting pass,
  • Cross pass,
  • Stretch Walk (Pencil),
  • Hopping,
  • Heels buttocks,
  • Running jump and Long make.


  • Handball,
  • single-legged knee lifts,
  • Ascending jumps,
  • Trippling,
  • Pendulum swing (horse walk).
  • Stand in pairs in the middle of the room.
  • You do with this pair 'stone - paper - scissors' and who loses must tap the winner as soon as possible.
  • The winner must try to tap the wall on his side of the room as quickly as possible.
  • 1 defender (V1) with attacker (A1) on the circle
  • 1 defender (V2) in front who has to catch the attacking structure (A2)
  • Attacking set-up A2 receives ball from the corner (A3) and runs towards V2;
  • A1 steps out and stands left of V2 and blocks, A2 passes V2 on the right who is blocked by A1;
  • Circle defender V1 has to choose, either follow A1 or pass to A2;
  • A2 has to choose, if V1 comes, pass to A1, who then turns away from block position and stands free on the circle;
  • or A2 shoots himself if V1 chooses to continue defending A1.
  • Mutual play,
  • if necessary, stop play and let them look at positions,
  • Who stands where and what choice do you make to play the ball to?
  • Everyone with a ball to bounce in a designated area.
  • There are pawns, 1 less than the number of people.
  • On YES everyone grabs a pawn as fast as possible.
  • The one who remains falls off.
  • Take away one pawn and try again.
  • Who is the last one left?
  • Throwing up in pairs.
  • Move one step further apart and pass without a bow.
  • 4 attackers 4 defenders.
  • Fanatic defending against the man.
  • Attackers have to pass, run free and look out for their opponents.
  • Two teams. Per team 1 bounces and 1 walks with the ball.
  • Throw the ball over to the one who was walking along without the ball.
  • A new player becomes the one who runs along. The last one to run is the one who bounced first.