Handball drills for all skills


2 teams and 1 bke-area. From each team, 1 bounces to the bke field and places a pebble. Quickly back and then the next one. Who has butter/cheese/eggs first?

In addition, after 4 stones you may swap 2 stones or place your own in an empty space.


The attacker squeezes the ball, approaches the defender to about one meter, threatens to shoot on goal by turning in well with the ball behind and making a step forward with the left leg, steps away to the right with the right leg to get next to the defender, places left leg towards goal, makes a jump throw and shoots on goal (see pictures). The less skilful pupil can make a bounce after the shot threat and then make a 1-2-3 pass and finish on goal.


The zero pass in handball is a jump where one leg is dropped and a player lands on two adjacent feet
. The zero pass, as the word says, does not count as a pass. A player may then make three more passes. When making a zero-pass, the player lands one metre from the defender, thrusts the body to the left, makes a step with the right leg to the right and then steps with the left leg past the defender towards the goal. After this, the player makes a jump shot and shoots at goal. With the zero axis it is important that the student lands on the front feet and brings the weight forward.

  • The players stand in two rows.
  • Player 1 plays the trainer and walks in front of the trainer.
  • Player 2 plays player 1.
  • Then player 2 passes in front of the trainer and gets the ball from the trainer.
  • Make two teams. Each team has a goalie in the goal across the street.
  • Team stands in the corner next to the goal and runs an attack with two players:.
  • Passing without tipping.
  • Shooting from the 9 m line.
  • If scored, it is a point. Retrieve ball and run back hand in hand.
  • Pass the ball to the next couple.
  • The team that scores 10 goals first wins.
  • Make it more difficult:
    • Add two defenders per team (possibly use extra attacker).
  • 2 people stand at the circle both with their backs to the goal.
  • One is the defender and the other the attacker.
  • The attacker stands in front of the defender with his back to the defender and his back to the goal.
  • The attacker receives the ball and should try to turn towards the goal and finish
  • The defender must prevent the attacker from scoring
  • From the centre line, 2 people start running away at the same time,
  • 1 of them with the ball.
  • You imitate a break out and then look at how you have to defend, i.e. on the ball!
  • 3 people at the 6 and 3 in the attack.
  • The attackers are going to make substitutions forcing the defense to surrender and take over by talking!
  • divide over both set-up positions
  • Everyone 1 ball except the first player on the left.
  • with the ball, run in towards the goal, pass to the other player, who moves to the outside without the ball, receives the ball at 9 metres and shoots at goal
  • after making the pass, move outside, receive ball and shoot
  • keepers indicate where the shot must come from (series of hands, feet, up, down,...)
  • They also follow the ball and position themselves at the first post
  • divide over 2 teams
  • 1 team wears vests
  • play a match to automate agreements in defence and attack
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