Handball drills for all skills

  • Groups of 2 face each other with the middle line between the players.
  • They give each other a hand and try to pull each other over the line.
  • 2 players stand behind each other
  • back player grabs the front player around his waist and tries to stop the front player
  • who tries to sprint away.


  • 2 players face each other
  • and try to tap the hollow of each other's knee.
  • idem with ball and then tip
  • 2 players face to face
  • with the ball in their hand
  • and try to tap each other with the ball.


  • 2 players face each other with 2 poles in the middle.
  • player a throws both left and right of the post to his team-mate.


  • The same with feinting the poles both left and right above the hands.
  • idem by feinting in front of the poles both left and right underhand
  • idem with feint in front of the posts both left and right sideways play
  • idem with feint for the posts both left and right with bounce
  • Run straight at the posts and play underhand alongside the post


  • Play the ball left and right of the post with jump throw.
  • idem but now catch the ball in the air and play it.
  • Players make 2 rows with the ball. First player has no ball.
  • Player 1 and 2 start forward and player 2 plays player 1.
  • Player 2 goes backwards and starts forward with player 3 and gets the ball and throws at goal.
    • hands goalkeeper, high li/re,
    • middle li/re,
    • under li/re,
    • diagonal,
    • bounce,
    • free on target
  • Goalkeeper in goal,
  • rest of the players have a ball.
  • Player stands next to the bench throws the ball over the bench in an arc,
  • jumps over the bench with both feet.
  • Picks up the ball and throws it at goal.
  • after goal attempt sprints around the cones and goes to get the ball and connects other sides again.
  • middle li/re high li/re middle li/re low diagonal bounce free


  • 3 players 1 ball in 1 line.
  • Middle player B has the ball, throws it to A and gets it back, trying to pass A.
  • After passing A plays the ball to B, who throws it to C.
  • Gets it back and tries to pass C.
  • After passing, B plays the ball to C who throws the ball to A, gets it back and tries to pass A.


  • pairs of 2 with 1 ball
  • player with ball tries to touch the mat with his foot,
  • other player tries to prevent this with his body.
  • Defender has hands on his back.
  • Each pair 2 times 1 minute, then change.