Handball drills for all skills

  • Tumble over with the ball (2 persons)
  • Overtake right/left hand
  • In motion
  • Backwards

Who is the first to have 21 points?

  • One goal > point for the players.
  • If the goalkeeper stops the ball > point for the goalkeeper.
  • The first player to 21 points is the winner.
  1. 5 min run: at a pace that remains the same for 5 min. how many laps can you run?
  2. stretching: arms, shoulders, legs, torso
  3. abdominal exercises: lifting, scissoring, bending and stretching.
  • 1 after pointing the ball.
  • 2 Pass the ball in the run.
  • 3 vary with stretching and bouncing.


  • Two persons sit side by side on circle facing the other side of the field.
  • Trainer throws a ball from behind in front of them.
  • At the moment they see the ball they stand up and see who has the ball first.
  • The fastest becomes attacker, the other must defend.
  • Finish on the other side.

  • Pairs of 2
  • 1 player stands in front of the line, the other player stands at the other side.
  • Both players try to push themselves over the line,
  • but both players prevent it.
  • Groups of 2 face each other with the middle line between the players.
  • They give each other a hand and try to pull each other over the line.
  • 2 players stand behind each other
  • back player grabs the front player around his waist and tries to stop the front player
  • who tries to sprint away.


  • 2 players face each other
  • and try to tap the hollow of each other's knee.
  • idem with ball and then tip
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