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  • The exercise starts when one of the attacking players plays the ball to KP.
  • The defenders must try to stop the attack in a permissible way.
  • The attackers must try to force a breakthrough.


  • The players position themselves as indicated on the drawing.
  • Just before taking the free throw LO starts in towards the centre, player (from wall) plays pass to MO, wall puts backward bar on defensive block.
  • MO puts pressure to the left of UR and plays pass to RO who starts in.
  • RO takes advantage of the space and finishes.



  • Two players (e.g. CS and MO) stand close together at the free throw line.
  • The inside player (MO) plays a pass to starting LO, the outside player (CS) starts in and places a blocker to the left of MA-r
  • LH presses left of HR, LO presses right of HR, creating space at the circle, MO takes advantage of the space, LO plays pass to MO
  • MO rounds off.


  • Players are lined up as shown in the diagram.
  • The player in the middle of the wall plays a pass to the player in front of the wall.
  • This player threatens with a jump throw.
  • The closest defender will try to tackle her to stop her.
  • The free throw is now executed:
  • LH starts in the middle, middle player now plays pass to player in front of the wall, the players in the wall go backwards to set up a bar.
  • The ball possession player plays pass to in starting LH, (HR will follow LH along the circle) this is the signal for the left player from the wall to quickly
    and start outside in
  • LH plays a pass to the starting player
  • This player finishes


  • The attacking players must try to outplay the defence on the other side


  • Left player from the wall plays pass to starting MO,
  • all players of the wall place a barrier on the corresponding defenders
  • MO puts pressure on the right side of MA-l,
  • which makes MA-l move with her, creating extra space at the circle,
  • MO plays pass to back of starting RO
  • RO uses the space and finishes with a jump throw.



  • Players in three set-up positions.
  • Cross in front of each other during passing and take over the position.
  • Players in two set-up positions.
  • Trainer in the middle inside the 9-meter line.
  • Right half plays ball to trainer and runs towards goal in front of trainer.
  • In the meantime the left half receives the ball and passes to the goal.
  • Left wing starts after playing the ball in front of the trainer.
  • The left wing receives the ball from the trainer and passes to the goal.


  • Divide the players over the three set-up positions.
  • Ball starts in the middle.
  • The left team runs in, receives the ball and plays to the right team, who also runs in.
  • Then the middle starts and receives the ball from the right side.
  • Then it starts all over again.
  • Players take over the position of the person to whom they passed on the ball.

  • Players take over the position of the person to whom they played the ball.
  • Passes to the right wing who passes to the back.
  • The right wing passes to the centre who has taken over the position of the left wing.
  • The middle passes to the goal.


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