Handball drills for all skills


Different parts in groups of 4
. Each part is done for 3 minutes, after 1,5 minute a rest of 20 sec.

  • Bench - push yourself forward on your belly
  • Ladder - Self-selected ladder exercises, at tempo!
  • Skipping rope - Jumping rope, alternating between 2 legs and 1 leg.
  • Mat - Use as a surface for sit-ups.
  • Step - 2 feet on the step, 2 feet off the step.
  • Pawns - slide into a triangle. Forward, back, sideways, forward etc.
  • Large mat - Opposite each other to push the mat away.


A number of benches are placed in the hall.
There is a catcher who tries to catch the others, who are free when they are on a bench.
There is a maximum of 1 chicken on a bench and the first chicken that is on the bench has to get off.

Points of attention

Pay attention to TOTAL movement, global corrections-arms
bent forward, do not
let the opponent walk in between the arms, against pressure, guide the



Attacker plays ball to defender. Pull the ball together (short).

  • After that, the attacker must have been behind the line with his butt on the ground
    • He can more or less drop backwards when the defender releases the ball.
  • At the same time, the defender goes back to the circle and comes forward again.
  • Then attacker and defender go 1:1.



  • Per trio 2 pawns.
  • One is defender, two are attacker.
  • Attacker tries to get past the defender.

Pay attention to: one foot in front, arm in right place (shoulder and hip), defend forwards.


B. Next with ball.
Attacker must press the ball to the ground behind the line.

Attention: Defending on shot arm,

Divide between the two construction positions. First person without ball.

  • LO starts in, presses outer pawn, comes around and gets ball from RO.
  • Then RO goes backwards and gets ball from next player.
  • Finish with jump shot.

Pay attention to: 3-pas, arm high, pointing to ball, trunk action.


Goalkeeper throw in normal way, then:

  • Split into two groups behind pawns.
  • Around pawn, two times.
  • Then shoot at goal with stretching throw.

Task: first low straight ahead, then high straight ahead etc.

Pay attention to: arm high, pointing at the ball, foot in front, trunk action.



Each player own ball. First normal throw in.

  • Three pawns on each pitch in a line.
  • Two times around the pawn, then throw at the goal.
  • Finish with stretching throw.

Pay attention to: arm high, good leg in front, pointing the ball after the players, trunk work.

Goal: footwork and throwing.


Players distribute among four pawns. Play the ball around.

Starting in: Players start in when the other player has the ball high. Do not run in beforehand.

Passing on: in front of the player and at chest height.

Catch: bring ball towards player. Eye contact.


Who has 21 points first?

The players throw from the dotted line on goal. The goalkeeper tries to stop the balls.

A goal > point for the players.
If the goalkeeper stops the ball, the players win.

The first player to get 21 points is the winner.

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