Handball drills for all skills


  • 3 players 1 ball in 1 line.
  • Middle player B has the ball, throws it to A and gets it back, trying to pass A.
  • After passing A plays the ball to B, who throws it to C.
  • Gets it back and tries to pass C.
  • After passing, B plays the ball to C who throws the ball to A, gets it back and tries to pass A.


  • pairs of 2 with 1 ball
  • player with ball tries to touch the mat with his foot,
  • other player tries to prevent this with his body.
  • Defender has hands on his back.
  • Each pair 2 times 1 minute, then change.



  • Players stand on the bench with the ball.
  • the one in front jumps off the bench goes backwards around the bench and throws at the goal.
  • connects other row


  • same with defender


  • Groups of 3 people with 2 balls.
  • Players stand in a line outside 2 have the ball.
  • player b runs towards a and gets the ball in movements and plays it back.
  • Player b turns around and gets the ball from player c and throws it back.
  • Play with bounce, feint, jump throw,


  • groups of 5 persons with
    • 1 ball.
    • 3 attackers and
    • 2 defenders
  • 1 attacker on the circle
  • the 2 attackers play the ball around and try to play the player on the circle,
  • the defenders try to prevent this.


series of exercises to train postural muscles

  • hip crossover
  • scorpion
  • one-hundred
  • left hand on right knee, right hand on right ankle, left leg extended (15 cm off the ground), shoulders off the ground -> change: right hand on left knee, left hand on left ankle, right leg extended. Calm movement!
  • On hands/knees (shoulders - torso - legs rectangle). Turn right leg and right arm up towards the ceiling, hips together. From here, turn back, dog pose, swing left leg up, back to hands/knees. Repeat! Idem left.
  • Side posture, upper leg stretched back, upper arm stretched forward. Bring hand to knee and stretch again. Repeat! Same as on the other side.
  • Sit on right hip, right hand on the ground. From here up with left leg stretched towards ceiling and back again. Repeat! Same as left side.
  • plank posture. From there, move foot by foot next to your hand and back again. Order: first right first, then left first (alternately).


play ball around with pressure


  • Roll the ball 5 meters forward and pick it up while running, cross the whole field, go around the tip and run back
  • throw up the ball and catch it while walking, walk back the entire field and outside tip
  • Move sideways across the field, ball above your head, walk back around the tips.
  • Cross pass sideways with ball above head, walk back tipping the whole field outside
  • lift knees, swing arms, hold ball in one hand, halfway field heels against buttocks 2x


  • Individual charging the goalkeeper, finishing
  • Pairs bring up and finish
  • bring up and finish pairs with change.
  • Bringing up a pair of players in the difference.
  • bring up a trio, walk in the difference, two opponents in a row
  • bring up a threesome, walk in the difference, two interfering players next to each other


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