Handball drills for all skills

  • Center build-up player plays the ball to the outside build-up player and starts.
  • Outside build-up player plays the ball back.
  • The centre build-up player makes a single switch with the outside build-up player and gives the ball to the outside builder.
  • The centre builder blocks the direct defender of the outside build-up player. 
  • The outside build-up player plays the goalkeeper.
  • The corner player starts with a break run and gets the ball from the goalkeeper across the centre line.
  • The corner player finishes off on goal.


  • Middle builder plays the starting left builder
  • The left build-up makes a passing movement inwards and plays the goalkeeper in the hands.
  • Both defenders start with break run
  • The middle builder goes into pursuit to intercept the ball
  • The goalkeeper plays the left break runner
  • The break runners play out the defender
  • The free player finishes off


  • The two defenders start on the 9-meter with face to the other side
  • The attacker plays the ball to the goalkeeper and both attackers start with break runs
  • The defenders start as soon as they see the attackers
  • The in-goal defender plays the ball to the player on the midline
  • The player on the centre line passes the ball to one of the break runners (and stays put).
  • The break runners play out the defenders
  • The player who comes out at the 9-meter finishes off


  • Three players are ready for the quick counter-attack.
  • The in-goal defender plays the ball to the player in the middle.
  • The three players start on pace and pass the ball over.
  • The middle player is slightly behind the two outer players.
  • The attackers play the defenders off
  • The player who comes out at the 9-meter rounds it off


  • Corner player plays the ball to the goalkeeper. 
    • Both the corner player and the midfielder start with break running.
    • The corner player runs inwards and the middle front outwards, towards the pilon.
    • The player on the middle line starts to defend.
  • The goalkeeper plays the ball to the incoming corner player.
  • The two break runners play the defender out.
  • The free player finishes off.


  • Players face each other.  
  • One of the players throws the ball to the in-goal defender and starts running.
  • The goal defender plays the ball to one of the two players.
  • The two players throw the ball over to the other side at speed.
  • The players go around the pilons and throw the ball back where they pay close attention to the other players.



Players play a game. Goal is to keep the game up to speed.

  • With a goal, there will be no kick-offs. (make sure there are more balls next to the goal so that they can be brought into play quickly).
  • If the ball is over the middle line, the team has a maximum of 5 passes before finishing. 
  • If a sixth pass is played, the opponent gets a free ball
  • Defense is 3v3 
  • Players in two build-up positions. 
  • Ball with left build-up players
  • Left side plays in the direction of 9 metres, in front of first payer  (right side)
  • Left build-up continues to circle, circle player runs to the left
  • Right hand build-up starts after left build-up gets going
  • Right build-up receives the ball and finishes on target

Repeat with ball at right build-up players

Repeating with defenders and circle runner

  • Put up a parcours. 
    • The course is built up in the number of laps you make until you complete the course 4 times in a row and the number of laps is then lowered again.
    • The number of times a player performs the exercise is then 1,2,3,4,3,2,1.
  • Exercise 1: Blocking at the pilons (over the circle)
  • Exercise 2: Frog jumps (sideline)
  • Exercise 3: Jumps two forward one back (center line)
  • Exercise 4: Diagonal short shifting (sideline back)