Handball drills for all skills

  • Everyone a ball and bounce through 6 meter area.Then you can do different exercises:
  • Bounce the ball through your legs once in a while
  • Bounce the ball behind your back
  • Trying to tap someone else's ball.
  • Bounce the ball on the spot, sit down while bouncing, then lie down and then stand up again.


In pairs bring the ball across and score.

Red brings the ball across the field and tries to score.
Pairs start from the back line.
At the moment that red attempts a goal, green may already start to score on a breakout at the opposite side. Red then defends back.
When green has taken a goal attempt they have to go back and defend against the other two red players. These have of course started at the moment that green has made a goal attempt.

This exercise can continue in a flowing way, because the players keep coming back to their own side. You can do this by time( which group has scored the most goals?) or you can choose who has scored so many goals hot.


  • Without bouncing
  • You don't start with the ball yourself, but throw the ball to the goalkeeper who has to do the break-out. The goalkeeper must then first try to stop the ball and then throw in a break-out.


Bring up the ball in 2 teams from your own 6 meter area.
On your own half of the field you encounter 1 defender (stays only on this half of the field).
On the other half of the field, you encounter 2 defenders, but offensively you also have a circle runner.


  • Without bouncing
  • Without circle runner
  • 3 defenders on one half of the pitch, so front defender stands with the other 2 defenders.

Bring up the ball in 3 pairs (left build, middle build and right build) and score on the goal across.


  • without bouncing
  • substitutions/systems
  • add defender(s)



Moving forward with ball

  • Tipping (right, left or alternately)
  • Roll the ball, pick it up, roll it
  • Throw the ball upwards (possibly bounce it 1x), catch it
  • Throw up ball behind back, catch ball in front of back
  • Circle ball around hip
  • Pass the ball under the knee with every step
  • Idem, with knee lifts
  • Soccer dribble
  • Hold ball in front of you and walk / heave buttocks / lift knees
  • Feinting the ball in the run
  • Perform passing moves in the run


B1 plays players and runs through the back and back to the start.

Playing variations:

  • Straight throw
  • Jump throw
  • With bounce
  • Bounce Throw
  • Two-handed
  • Left
  • Right
  • Roll


  • 2 hands
  • 1 hand


Blue tips the ball towards goal.
Red prevent this by tapping ball away.


  • B slow
  • B fast
  • B top speed


Blue crosses, Red tries to tap the ball away.
Ball away -> defend until everyone has lost their ball.

Extra defenders.

Points of attention:
Conquer by tipping:

  • When you hear the ball on the ground, put your hand between the ball and the hand of the opponent.
  • Attacking on the ball side


2 Builders play the ball to each other at a steady pace, each time making a forward threat.
The defender performs a correct defensive stance.
Stepping out / inserting Runner
sideways sliding / sideways running


The trainer gives an optical signal after which the attacker comes 1 against 1 followed by a completion on goal.

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