Handball drills for all skills

  • players divide themselves over right defender + left defender with ball 
  • roll over the mat and then put off on left/right foot and throw towards goal 
  • variation can be: roll over then recieve the ball, 3 steps and then high jumpshot + throw towards goal
  • Organization:
  • 10 players per goal plus goalkeeper
  • One key point at Left attacker or Right attacker one defender at 8/9 metres (defending the throwing side of the left defender/right defender) Two players left defender/right defender, two players middle and two circle players (middle)
  • All balls in the middle

  • Execution:
  • Middle starts in with ball and plays to the right build-up, starting right defender plays ball to right attacker (key point) right defender receives ball from right attacker after an archwise countermovement and plays towards to circle
  • can be done with a stretch shot and (bounce).
  • Circle player terminates exercise

  • Instructions:
  • Correct timing, fast position switch;
  • Short turns;
  • Hip-height bounce pass.
  • create pairs and divide them on the left and right corners 
    • each pair has 1 ball
  • a pair of them start sliding at the same time from the 6m to the 1st pilon, 
  • then move out to the pilon at the 9m and move to the third pilon 
  • then sprint to the centre line at the same time to pass the ball back and forth 
    • join the line in the other corner
  • Variations: On speed and the player without ball becomes defender and tries to conquer the ball
  • Make pairs of two and make groups of 4 with those pairs
  • 1 pair of attackers and 1 pair of defenders
  • defenders must intercept the ball, attackers must replay and run free
  • When the ball is intercepted, defenders become attackers and vice versa
  • After a certain period of time, change into 4 numbers
  • Make groups of four, including 2 attackers and 2 defenders
  • Place a mat he 2 defenders have to defend
  • The 2 attackers have a ball that they have to ground on the mat
  • Attention attackers: make different passing movements, and play with pace
  • Attention Defenders: defend frontal, don't hang on to it, 1 leg in front and one leg behind
  • possible expansion: 4 defenders, 4 attackers

  • Distribution over the middle build-up, left build-up and right build-up
  • Opposite to each striker is 1 defender and a goalkeeper in goal
  • Play 3 against 3 
  • Instruct attacking team to perform passing movements, start without ball, shoot from a distance
  • Instruct defending team: tapping the ball, defending frontal  
  • Make groups of six divided into pairs
  • Each group of six has 1 ball
  • Blue will attack Red and Red will defend. The blue pair will try to ground the ball behind the sideline.
  • When this happens, the red pair will pick up the ball and attack on the opposite side of the white pair who are now the defenders.
  • Everyone is in the middle of the middle line
  • Everyone has a ball except the first player
  • play out to the right and left
  • sequentially throw in goalkeeper 
  • goalkeeper indicates where

The game is played with at least 4 players 

  • 1 mouse that has a t-shirt or piece of fabric in the back of its pants 
  • 1 dog with has a tennis ball 
  • 2 cats without attribute 

  • the mouse runs around with the dog, 
  • The cats try to take the mouse's tail and bring it to their cone 
  • but the dog can touch the cat with the tennis ball and the dog give the cat an exercise to do in its headquarters.
  • with more players a group can be made and 2 games can be played at the same time