Handball drills for all skills

  • Occupy LD and RD positions
  • 1 ball 
  • LD starts putting pressure and passes to incoming RD, 
  • RD passes to incoming LA and so on and so on
  • first a stretch shot, then jump shot
  • changing to crossing / or bring a 2nd ball into the game
  • Ball goes from center to corner and back again, 
  • as soon as the ball goes from the buildup to the middle, 
  • the player in the corner starts and gets the ball and finishes.
  • Then grabs a buildup. 
  • The player in the corner starts when the ball goes from the middle to the buildup.
  • make pairs opposite to each other in the middle of a half
  • make contact 3x3sec (hands against the shoulder, defensive exercise) / then sprint away to the sideline / expanding to 4x shortly after each other seeking contact
  • Jump 3x and give each other high five and then sprint away to the sideline. 
  • Repeat this exercise a few times.
  • All behind the back line 
    • sprint 60% to half of 1 half 
    • then 100% sprint to the midline
    • repeat this a few times
    • with different starting phases e.g. jumping on both feet
    • starting in planking position and sprinting away, facing the wall,...
  • 4 hurdles placed in a row behind each other
    • and then 2 more hurdles to the left 
    • and 2 more hurdles to the right. 
  • First over the 4 hurdles and after the last hurdle you make a nillpass
    • and a slide/drag movement to the left or right. 
  • Here, you pass the last hurdle and then finish off on target. 
  • Can jump over the hurdles with 2 or 1 foot. 
  • players divide themselves over Left defender and Right defender's positions
  • everyone has a ball
  • Left defender starts with putting pressure towards the pilons
  • first pass the pilons on the left, then pass the pilons on the right, then pass the pilons on the left, then go left and right again and then finish on target
  • Important to start good and explosive

  • circle moves from left to right
  • left defender and right defender put pressure and play circle with a bounce pass
  • variation - place on the 7m a cabinet that the circle first has to cross.

  • MI passes to left defender 
  • Middle starts and crosses the other players that started the build-up in the corner
  • all players divide themselves over the 6m line from left to right with a ball
  • goalkeeper now throws in 
  • goalkeeper indicates where
  • A1 tips forward to pilon 1. At pilon A1 passes the ball to A2, which has passed to pilon 2 and so on to A4.
  • A4 finishes on target.
  • A1 goes to A2 and onwards.
  • A4 takes ball after finishing and joins the line behind A2.
  • Expanding 1) by taking away pilons
  • Expanding 2) is by adding defenders (passive)
  • Expand 3) A1 has started inside and receives ball from A4
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