Handball drills for all skills

  • 4 attackers.
  • 3 defenders.
  • 1 attacker stands like a circle in the middle.
  • 3 defenders stand around it.
  • The other attackers try to play the ball around by applying pressure.
  • The attacker in the middle.
  • Defenders try to intercept and prevent the attacker in the middle from receiving the ball.
  • Attention defenders:
    • Talking.
    • Stepping out.
    • Step back.
    • Good foot forward.
    • Blocking space with arms.
    • Cover your back.
  • See Insta-film.

  • From the left and right set-up positions, two ladders are laid out diagonally.
  • The group is divided over the ladders, the goalkeeper stands on goal.
  • The group on the left hand side starts with the ladders.
  • After the last ladder they make a zero pass and finish on goal with a jump shot.
  • When the first of the left group has reached the halfway point, the first of the right group starts.
  • Variation in the laddering:
    • 2 legs high speed through the ladder
    • 2 legs in the ladder, then out ( jump )
    • 2 feet on the ladder, 2 feet next to the ladder (dribbling).
    • 2 passes to the front 1 to the back
  • You can also place a passive defender for the players to shoot over.

Throwing up in different ways in pairs

  • With your right hand
  • With your wrong hand
  • With bounce
  • Throwing to each other from a greater distance
  • Throwing to each other from close range
  • All players stand on the side avenue, 4 lines are set out.
  • At 70% you run to the first line and backwards back to the sideline.
  • Then to the 2nd line and backwards, 3rd line etc.
  • Variation:
    • Bounce the ball
    • Holding ball back
  • We do this 4 times,
    • 2 times without ball and
    • 2 times with ball.
    • In between 30 sec rest

2 or 3 teams depending on the size of the group.

  • Start all behind the pawn
  • The first one starts and goes with 2 feet at the same time through the ladder, sprints to the pawn, goes around it and runs back to the group (not through the ladder again)
  • Ticks the next player and he does the same.
  • The team that is sitting down first has won.


  • Inclined through the running ladder ( face right or left)
  • Backwards through the ladder
  • Without ladder with ball and slalom (tipping)
  • Slalom with the wrong hand (tipping)

  • The focus here is on defending.
  • Attackers are outnumbered, 3 and the defenders are 2.
  • There is one attacker on the circle and two build-up players.
  • The attackers are going to look for the defenders and try to play 1 on 1.
  • The runner on the circle is going to offer herself and may also finish.
  • It is important that the defenders talk to each other and step out and back in time.

Variation: 1 additional defender 3:3

  • Everyone makes pairs and stands on the back line.
  • Number 1 of the pair runs at about 70/75% to the back line and back again.
  • Number 2 of the pair does a power exercise.
  • When number 1 taps number 2, they switch.
  • Then number 1 does a power exercise and number 2 runs.

  • Strength exercise:
    • Squats
    • Jumping jacks
    • Planks
    • Wall sit (in the hall)
    • Arms circling
    • Lunges
    • Dribble on the spot
    • Sit ups
  • Pass the ball in pairs with various exercises (2 balls per pair)
    • 2 teams bring up the ball and pass back on the outside
    • Bringing up a 3 team ball with 2 balls (middle player always rebounds)
    • Bringing up a 3 ball team witha 2nd phase change whiskey (long change)
  • Keepers warm up
    • Star from the middle
    • Bring up the ball at pace from 9 meter; defender starts from 6 meter
    • Break in two:
    • LO and LH run break together.
    • Goalkeeper throws to LO or LH (assignment by trainer)
    • 4 men bring up the ball
    • Goalkeeper throws to LH.
    • Ball away LH-LO-RO-RH who completes (RH goes deep and RO has to hold back a bit to speed up)
    • RH puts pressure back
  • Waves!

Players make a square and make sure two corners are double occupied.

Ball is played around clockwise. Players follow the ball. Receiver starts slightly in.

  • Playing out of the run
  • Play with jump shot
  • On signal exercises turn

Ball is played around clockwise. Players go counter-clockwise. Receiver starts slightly in.

  • Playing out of the loop
  • Play with jump shot
  • On signal exercises turn

Ball is played around clockwise. Players cross diagonally. Receiver starts slightly in.

  • Playing from the run
  • Play with jump shot
  • Turn on signal exercises