Handball drills for all skills

  • Goalkeeper in goal,
  • Rest of the players have a ball.
  • Players stand at build-up position
  • LO: jumps with both legs over the racks and throws at goal
  • RO: first do the speed ladder and throw at goal
  • After attempting to get the ball and connect other sides again.
  • Mdden- li/re high-li/re middle- li/re low- diagonal-bounce- free

  • Goalkeeper in goal
  • Rest of the players have a ball
  • Player stands on the build-up positions
  • Picks up the ball and throws at goal
  • After the attempted goal, sprint around the pawn to the sideline
  • Sprint to the middle line, then fetch the ball and join the other sides.
  • Middle li/re high li/re middle li/re low diagonal bounce free

  • Dribbling to the pylon
  • Passing move.
  • Backwards, pass the ball to the next player in line.
  • Option:
    • Roll the ball and when it's halfway, follow it.
    • Pick it up. idem.



  • Make 2 rows on the 6 meter at the height of LO and RO (1 row needs balls).
  • The first two of the row run towards the other 6 meter line, while doing so they play the ball over (finishing on goal). Run back.

Focus on:

  • Max 3 steps with the ball.
  • Accelerate when picking up the ball.
  • Good ball handling
  • Depth in the game (do not run on the same line).


  • 3 teams (LO, MO, RO)
  • 5 team (LH, LO, MO , RO, RH)
    • Make sure the corner players are away first and can only get the ball when they are in scoring position.

  • 4 hats, 1,2,3 & 4
  • The trainer calls which one you touch.
  • Forward around the pylon.

  • Hats further apart.
  • Dribble to the hat with number 1 2 3 or 4

Make 2 pairs

  • Setting out the route
    • 5 exercises
    • Do 1 minute exercise
    • Then switch and do the other exercise.
    • Then move on.
  • Exercises:
    1. Ladder with ball in your hand (keep your arm high), back and forth.
    2. T sprint, with pawns set out a T.
      • Sprint from pawn 1 to pawn 2
      • Then move sideways to the left to pawn 3
      • Then move sideways to pawn 4
      • Back to the sidewalk to pawn 2
      • Then backwards to pawn 1
    3. Skipping rope
    4. From sideline to sideline put down pawns.
      • Slalom dribble with the ball.
    5. Front lunges pass between 2 cones.
      • Put your foot forward and in a 90 degree bend.
      • Ball between legs from hand to hand
      • Then the next foot forward and pass the ball under the legs again.
      • Keep the tension on your legs.
  • Form a large circle so that there is enough space between the players.
  • Pass the ball to the player next to you.
  • Vary by changing direction, playing with bounce, adding 2nd ball.
  1. The defender sprints between the hat (middle of the field) and the side line of the beach field. (2x)
  2. When the defender taps the hat for the second time, the attacker runs in and rounds the goal.
  3. The defender tries to block the shot.
  4. The goalkeeper takes the ball as quickly as possible
  5. The defender starts running towards the other goal and gets the ball from the goalkeeper on the way
  6. The defender finishes with a jump shot or pirouette
  7. The defender closes the back.
  8. The attacker becomes the defender and sprints again between the hat and the touchline
  • LH, LO + MO + 2 defenders
  • Ball starts at LO
  • LO puts pressure and passes ball to LH
  • LH puts pressure inside and passes ball back to LO
  • LO puts pressure inside and plays to MO
  • MO makes a front move.
    • Puts pressure to the left and plays the ball to LO
  • LO gets moving and puts pressure on the outside, plays the ball to LH
  • LH stands deep and makes a move.
    • So that he can finish at speed.