Handball drills for attack / offense


Players choose 2 positions from which to shoot. The possibilities are:

  • Left corner
    • There are 3 low hurdles here. Players go over the hurdles before finishing
    • While jumping over the hurdles, players look ahead, not to the ground
    • While jumping over the hurdles, players make a throwing motion with their ball
    • After the hurdles, they can finish, point of attention is that players jump well to the penalty spot

  • Left wing
    • Here are low hurdles. Players go over the hurdles before they pass and finish
    • When jumping over the hurdles, players look ahead, not to the ground
    • While jumping over the hurdles, players make sure they always land in a 0-swing
    • After landing in the last 0 pass, the player feints a move opposite a post (defender) and passes left or right between the post and the cap

  • Midfield
    • There is a ladder here. Players go through the ladder before finishing with a running shot
    • While going through the ladder, players look ahead, not to the ground
    • While going through the ladder, players make a throwing motion with their ball
    • After the last compartment of the ladder, the player brings the ball up from below to complete a running shot

  • Right wing
    • There is a pole (defender) on the 9 meter. Players finish with a distance shot
    • It is important that they are played in the run
    • Use the first 2 passes to gain speed, the last pass to move upwards
    • Point of attention is variation in the rounding.

  • 2 Benches face each other, between 6 and 8 meters apart
  • On every bench there are 4 to 6 pawns
  • There are 2 teams who must try to knock off the pawns by throwing them over.
  • Pawns that have fallen down can be taken to your own side
  • The team that has all the pawns wins
  • Place the pawns in bicycle tires, where you are not allowed to stand inside.


  • 2 Teams
  • Players place themselves on call on both sides at the 5 defensive positions: LH-LO-MO-RO-RH
    • Then run to attack position
    • Then a minimum of 3 throws (e.g. MO-RO-RH-RO)
    • Then shot at pawn
    • Return to defense
  • Players out, players in
    • Back to offense
    • Again at least 3 throws
    • Shot on target, etc.
  • Who is the first to knock over 3 pawns wins
  • Ball goes from the set-up to the middle set-up
  • Middle build-up breaks away and starts in towards the middle and passes the ball to the incoming corner
  • Corner puts pressure between 2 and 3
  • The build-up passes behind the corner at the level of 2 and 3 and finishes in the middle.

  • LO a line with ball
  • RO a row
  • In every deep corner 1 defender
  • As soon as the builders start to run, the two defenders move to the middle as quickly as possible
  • The team builders who are competing with the defenders are going to pressure well next to the man
  • The defenders pay attention to a good defence, stepping out on the player with the ball and immediately back to the 6 when the ball is to the other player
  • After rounding on the goal, the attackers become defenders. Do not go and get the ball!
  • Defenders go into the deep corner again and two new attackers start

  • From the back line make three rows LO/MO/ RO
  • The trio which starts from the 6 meter
  • LO passes the ball to MO who makes a short pass on the right side
  • The RO comes from behind and receives the ball and makes a short dribble and a short change on the left
  • The outside builders run wide
  • The LO comes through the middle and receives the ball from the RO
  • The new MO shoots at the goal. Alternate positions


  • Row of LO with the ball
  • Two in the middle (every now and then new players in the middle)
  • LO puts pressure and passes the ball to the MO who is starting
  • LO runs backwards again with a good arc and keeps an eye on the game
  • The MO puts pressure and passes the ball to the incoming LO who shoots at the goal
  • The LO has to time the ball well. Do not start too quickly or too late.
  • Everyone is allowed to round off a few times on the LO

  • Trainer stands on the 6 on the middle on 3
  • 1 defender at 2
  • We do the same as before, but now the LO goes 1 on 1 with the defender
  • At the moment that the MO puts pressure, the trainer says YES and the defender has to move aside quickly to tap the trainer.
  • Then the LO starts to duel with the defender.
  • When you have shot at the goal, you immediately stand up to defend, so do not go and get your ball!
  • The previous defender joins behind the line LO and gets a ball from the goalie
  • The two MO's have to be exchanged every time

4 players: 1 goalkeeper, 1 defender, 2 attackers

  • 1 attacker tries to get to the goal line
  • if the defender blocks well, pass back to player 2 (who stays behind a bit)
  • Let the players change positions after every attack.

  • Then a variation with 2 defenders
  • Focus on free lines


As a child, it is good to learn young how to jump up or what fast footwork is, in this exercise you can use both.

  • A player starts at the running ladder,
    • Here, he or she carries out the task which is explained.
  • Then after the step ladder, the player continues to the next obstacle,
    • Here, the player jumps over the jump with one or two legs at the same time.
  • Then the next obstacle, the player continues to the pawns,
    • Here, he or she goes sideways past the pawns.
  • If there is a goalkeeper present, you can choose that the children, after moving the cones, take a ball and may throw it in a 1 against 1 with the goalkeeper.
    • Then the ball is put back and they join in at the back.

There are different variations to think of for each obstacle, so it remains attractive and you can keep doing it for a reasonably long time.



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