Handball drills for attack / offense

  • The attacking players must try to outplay the defence on the other side


  • Left player from the wall plays pass to starting MO,
  • all players of the wall place a barrier on the corresponding defenders
  • MO puts pressure on the right side of MA-l,
  • which makes MA-l move with her, creating extra space at the circle,
  • MO plays pass to back of starting RO
  • RO uses the space and finishes with a jump throw.


  • Players in three set-up positions.
  • Cross in front of each other during passing and take over the position.
  • Players in two set-up positions.
  • Trainer in the middle inside the 9-meter line.
  • Right half plays ball to trainer and runs towards goal in front of trainer.
  • In the meantime the left half receives the ball and passes to the goal.
  • Left wing starts after playing the ball in front of the trainer.
  • The left wing receives the ball from the trainer and passes to the goal.
  • Divide the players over the three set-up positions.
  • Ball starts in the middle.
  • The left team runs in, receives the ball and plays to the right team, who also runs in.
  • Then the middle starts and receives the ball from the right side.
  • Then it starts all over again.
  • Players take over the position of the person to whom they passed on the ball.

  • Players take over the position of the person to whom they played the ball.
  • Passes to the right wing who passes to the back.
  • The right wing passes to the centre who has taken over the position of the left wing.
  • The middle passes to the goal.
  • Centre plays ball to set-up, set-up starts in direction of corner and corner comes running in.
  • The set-up plays the ball near the sideline to the corner player, who presses between 1 and 2 and plays the ball to the centre.
  • At that moment, the set-up passes behind again and receives the ball from the centre, finishing on goal.
  • Bringing the ball up in teams of 3 (left formation, middle formation and right formation) and scoring the goal on the other side.


  • Bring up the ball in 2 teams from your own 6 meter area.
  • On your own half of the field you encounter 1 defender (stays only on this half of the field).
  • On the other half of the field you encounter 2 defenders, but you also have a circle runner offensively.




  • Green passes 2 - 1 - 2 and shoots at goal.
  • After throwing on goal you are handball
  • 3-1-3 and shoot at goal.

Also useful for playing into the goalkeeper:

  • On the hands
  • Top corner left / right
  • Shoulder height left / right
  • Knee height left / right
  • Bouncing balls left / right
  • Low balls left / right
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