Handball drills for attack / offense



  • Green passes 2 - 1 - 2 and shoots at goal.
  • after throw on goal you are handball player, after handball you are goalie
  • 3-1-3 and shoot on goal.

  • balls all at the center line
  • They make 2 teams.
  • They all stand in 1 of the 2 corners.
  • Then you bounce a ball and they have to move to the goalpost and sprint to you.
  • Then you can for example roll the ball away, bounce it.
  • Or just hold it and see who gets it first.
  • What I often do when 1 person is left, then I let that person catch the balls and keep indicating
  • 3 attackers and 3 defenders (later change)
  • 3 defenders outside the 9m in "Liegestütz" (until the attackers sprint towards the 9m, then stand up)
  • 3 attackers divided on LO, MO, RO
  • 3 attackers sprint to the 9m and back to the half way line, then receive the ball and play 3:3.
  • 3x in a row and then change
  • Corner passes to bowl,
  • box sets and passes to play,
  • play runs in and finishes at goal.
  • Practice swap
  • Set up and middle, after a few times other set up
  • Switch with the corner
  • Players stand in a line with the ball.
  • the one in front jumps off the bench goes backwards around the bench and throws at goal.
  • the other row joins


  • same with defender



switch 42

  • This switch is between the build-up and the middle.
  • They play a 1-2 game with each other.
  • This can be used, but it can also just happen by itself.

Substitution: RUNNER

  • the centre puts in the runner, and calls runner + the person in the corner of the side where the change is to take place
  • the ball goes round one more time and then the corner where the change is to take place starts running past the defence
  • the build-up who got the ball from the corner skips the middle and immediately throws it to the other build-up
  • this build-up makes a threat on goal which makes the defence step out and the corner receive the ball behind this man
  • circle blocks the middle

Attack - Defence

  • Play around and threaten towards goal/defender
  • 1 of the corner players plays the ball to the other corner player
  • the other corner player rounds to the goal or plays to the build-up player
  • if not successful, then just keep attacking and playing around
  • Both left and right
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