Handball drills for attack / offense



Pass B4-B3-B1-B3 and finish past the defensive blocking R1


Two teams each on their own half.
Centre line is a line.
One tries to throw the ball over the line in such a way that it goes over the back line.
The line may not be touched. Who scores the most points?


  • introducing a neutral zone in front of the line
  • shot variation
  • number of times compulsory replay
  • Players in two build-up positions. 
  • Ball with right build players
  • Right build-up player plays in the direction of the circle (left build-up player)
  • Left build-up player starts in rear right assembly along
  • Left build-up player receives the ball from right build-up and rounds off on goal. 
  • Fetch ball and connect in other row

Repeat with ball at left build players

  • Build-up player slaloms dribbling around the pilons and plays in starting corner player. Corner player rounds it off
  • Build-up player  makes a pass on each pilon and plays in to the starting corner player. Corner player rounds it off.
  • Build-up player makes a circle around the pilon and plays in to the starting corner. 
  • Build-up player moves out after last action and gets the ball played from corner and rounds it off.
  • Pay attention while the corner player is waiting, this player runs on the spot with her arms up.


  • The outside build-up player plays the ball at the middle build-up player.
  • The middle build-up player makes a single change with the other external build-up player. 
  • The incoming surface-mounted player plays the goalkeeper in her hands.
  • The defending corner player starts the break.
  • The two players of the single substitution switch over to defend the counter-attack. 
  • The goalkeeper plays the break.
  • Cornerplayers play the counter attack and go for the shot.


  • Goalkeeper brings the ball into play.
  • The two attacking players bring the ball up and play the defenders out.
  • At the centre line the ball is played to the next two attacking players.
  • The two attacking players also bring in the ball and play out the defenders.
  • Attacking players go for the shot.
  • Tip: start the exercise with one defender on both sides.


  • Corner player plays to the outside build-up player.
  • Outside build-up player plays the ball in the starting middle builder.
  • The middle build-up player plays in the starting corner and continues to the circle in order to put a back spacer, on the inside, against the 2nd defender.
  • Corner player plays in starting outside build-up player. 
  • She shoots into the hands of the goalkeeper.
  • The defending corner player starts with break runs and receives the ball from the goalkeeper and rounds it off.


  • Middle builder plays the starting left builder
  • The left build-up makes a passing movement inwards and plays the goalkeeper in the hands.
  • Both defenders start with break run
  • The middle builder goes into pursuit to intercept the ball
  • The goalkeeper plays the left break runner
  • The break runners play out the defender
  • The free player finishes off


  • The two defenders start on the 9-meter with face to the other side
  • The attacker plays the ball to the goalkeeper and both attackers start with break runs
  • The defenders start as soon as they see the attackers
  • The in-goal defender plays the ball to the player on the midline
  • The player on the centre line passes the ball to one of the break runners (and stays put).
  • The break runners play out the defenders
  • The player who comes out at the 9-meter finishes off


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