Handball drills for attack / offense

  • A normal game is played, however with a special rule.
  • Everything remains the same, teams of 7 (6 field players + 1 goalkeeper) are made.
  • As a team in a break-out.
  • In a first or in a second phase they make a goal they may attack again.
  • If they have scored in this way they may break out again at the centre builder.
  • If a goal is scored in this attack, they have made 2 points in 1 attack.
  • If they don't score, it's only 1 point.
  • This continues until time is up.
  • Change:
    • You can also choose to reward a break-out.
    • You can also choose to reward a break-out, first or second phase attack with 2 points instead of a new attack.

  • 2 teams of 5 - 6 players.
  • The exercise is performed as a relay race.
  • The team runs a slalom around the pylons.
  • The point from which the throw must be made is at the pylon at the free throw line.
  • The moment the player finishes, the next player starts.
  • Variations:
    • The whole round is dribbled
    • Each player makes 3 rounds:
      • The first round the ball is carried between the pylons and dribbled along the long side
      • The last round is the whole round dribbled.
      • Carry the ball between the pylons and dribble the rest of the way
  • Player 2 plays the ball to player 1 and walks to pawn 2
  • Gets the ball from player 1 again
  • Plays the ball back to player 1 and walks backwards around cone 1
  • Runs to pylon 3 and gets the ball from player 1
  • Plays the ball back to player 1 and walks backwards around cone 1 to the middle between cones 2 and 3
  • Gets the ball in the path of player 1.
  • Finish on target.
  • Everything on fast tempo.
  • Player 1 plays the ball to player 2 and starts running towards pawns 1 and 2,
  • Goes through this sideways and runs to pion 3, in the run the ball is played to player 2
  • At pion 3, pass in the direction of pawns 4 and 5 and finish on goal.
  • Player 1 starts in towards pion 1 and runs the ball to player 2.
  • After that backwards through pion 2 and 3 and start towards pion 4.
  • In the run to pion 4 the ball is passed to player 2 again and player 1 rounds off the goal by shooting.
  • All players divide on the left and right corner (in pairs)
  • Players in the left corner have a ball
  • The trainer calls 'yes' and at that moment the LH sprints to his pylon.
  • The RH sprints to his pylon
  • Once around the pylon, he/she receives the ball and heads towards the goal
  • First without a defender, then a defender, then two defenders

  • 2 teams bring the ball up from the middle line.
  • First without a defender, then with 1 defender



  • Make 2 rows on the 6 meter at the height of LO and RO (1 row needs balls).
  • The first two of the row run towards the other 6 meter line, while doing so they play the ball over (finishing on goal). Run back.

Focus on:

  • Max 3 steps with the ball.
  • Accelerate when picking up the ball.
  • Good ball handling
  • Depth in the game (do not run on the same line).


  • 3 teams (LO, MO, RO)
  • 5 team (LH, LO, MO , RO, RH)
    • Make sure the corner players are away first and can only get the ball when they are in scoring position.

  1. The defender sprints between the hat (middle of the field) and the side line of the beach field. (2x)
  2. When the defender taps the hat for the second time, the attacker runs in and rounds the goal.
  3. The defender tries to block the shot.
  4. The goalkeeper takes the ball as quickly as possible
  5. The defender starts running towards the other goal and gets the ball from the goalkeeper on the way
  6. The defender finishes with a jump shot or pirouette
  7. The defender closes the back.
  8. The attacker becomes the defender and sprints again between the hat and the touchline
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