Handball drills for attack / offense

  • 5 attacker,
    • so without a circle
    • can also be done without a defense
    • is about concentration and ball control and correct execution of a switch
  • MO will switch 2 with LO
  • LO will play a pass to the RO
  • RO goes into the 2swap with LH
  • LH passes the ball to the next MO and everything in the other direction.
  • corner players are going to join the MO,
  • RO+LO join the corners and the MO joins the LO or RO.
  • create 3 teams of 4-5 players
    • all over the field
  • team A starts playing against team B
    • without bouncing or a change must be included or...10 seconds rule
  • the team that scores plays on
    • the team that does not score goes out and team C comes in
  • 10 min - 15 min who has the most goals wins
  • LO, MO and RO lay down a measure on the 10m.
  • players divide on all 3 positions
  • LO receives ball back from MO, MO from RO and RO from me
  • players have to do a roll on the mat then 3 steps and jump shot high and shoot
  • Move to other positions (rotation).
  • Groups of 4 persons.
    • 2 on one side
    • 1 on the other side
    • and a defender in the middle.
  • Center man plays on gets ball back and passes with 0 pass.
  • Then plays the ball to the other side.
  • First one side then the other.
  • Two positions, one defender (many people also have a defender in the middle).
  • The rest are distributed between the two defensive positions (in many cases over 3).
  • 1 v 1 - 0 pass with passive defence.
  • Then try to pass with a turn.
  • Finally 0 pass, only then active defence and possibly a turn if you are stuck.
  • Players divide into 2 groups and stand to the right and left of the goal.
  • Goalkeeper has to take turns touching the ball of the players.
  • After touching the ball players move to the right or left to the sideline at the height of the goal.
  • Arrived in the corners, sprints to the middle line.
  • Then finish near the goalkeeper
  • 6 pawns / 2 x 2 pawns about 5 to 6 m apart at the height of 11 to 12m / 2 pawns at the height of 7m to demarcate the field / see image
  • players divide into 2 teams / 1 team wears shirts
  • 1 point of play on the center line with all balls
  • players stand behind a pawn diagonally from each other.
  • first player with and without vests start sprinting at the same time from 1 to the other pawn and pass the pawn and sprint again.
  • after the 2nd sprint, 1 player receives the ball and goes 1:1 against the other player
  • Ball away MO-LO-MO-RO
  • when MO passes to RO, MO runs to LO, LO runs behind MO and receives the ball from RO and rounds at 9m
  • Play this also on the other side.
  • if MO passes to LO, MO runs to RO, RO runs behind MO and receives the ball from LO and passes to RO at 9m
    • first with 1 player in the cover = blocking the jump shot
    • then with 3 defenders where passing players even option must see what to do, pass, even go...
    • 3 defenders, 4 attackers = MO,LO,RO +circle

  • Make 2 teams. 4 defenders, 6 attackers
  • 8 mats in a circle, 4 defenders try to intercept the ball.
  • Attackers must move to another mat after every ball contact.
    • Free running by stepping on other mats is also allowed!
    • Receive ball only on the mat!
    • Intercepted ball, then change players.
    • Option: chase the ball, free running on another mat is also allowed!
  • Point of attention: defensive position, light on the feet, arms in good position.
    • (oblique to the body and slightly bent)
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