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Handball drills

  • 2 ladders opposite each other,
  • 2 high cones in the middle (on the sides) between the running ladders,
  • 1 pawn with a ball in the middle between the running ladders.
  • From behind the ladders, 2 players start at the same time;
  • Walk down the running ladder,
  • Then move to the side around the pawn and back to the pawn in the middle,
  • The one who catches the ball first wins.
  • As soon as the jacket is taken, the next 2 players can start.


  • All players line up about 1 arm's length away and with their legs wide.
  • The 1st player rolls the ball between the legs of the rest to the last player.
  • Then everyone lies down flat and the last player with ball jumps over everyone.
  • When the player is in front, everyone stands up again with their legs wide and the player rolls the ball backwards.

  • This can also be done with 2 teams in match form. Who has all the players forward the fastest?
drawing Warm up row and lie down.
  • 4 benches in a 4-sided against each other.
  • 1-2 players inside the cage - 4 benches- with 10 balls.
  • 4-6 players outside the cage with 10 balls.
  • The players inside the cage try to throw all the balls out of the cage.
  • They are not allowed to throw the ball until they step outside the cage.
  • The other players try to get all the balls into the bin.
  • They do this by running/dribbling there and putting the ball in the cage so do not throw it.
  • The one who has the fewest balls after 1 minute wins.
drawing Warming up game ball cage.
  • 5 players stand in the front of 2 triangles: 2 facing each other /1 next to them/ then again 2 facing each other next to them.
  • Passing is done with 2 balls.
  • The pairs play across, but also to the middle if that player is turned their way.
  • That middle player plays back to the duo and then turns around again.
drawing Passes with 5
  • 2 goalkeepers
  • 2 players on the circle, throw the ball to the trainer.
  • Players run, get ball from trainer and while overplaying go across to finish. Possibly with movement inside.
  • In 2 groups.
  • 5 players stand on the 6 meters and hold hands.
  • One attacker tries to dribble past and finish.
  • Simple exercise to practice moving with the ball
  • 2 stations - change attackers every time.
Make pairs with a ball.
  • The one without the ball stands diagonally behind the one with the ball.
  • The player with the ball tips the ball to the 9-meter line as quickly as possible. The player without the ball tries to tap the ball away.
    Without making physical contact.
  • Line up full team on one side, team without goalie on other side.
  • Players will defend offensively and continue to watch for players behind.
  • Interception is a point and goal is a point.
1 goalkeeper - 1 defender(with vest) - 2 attackers
  • In front of the goal, on the circle, an area of 4 meters is marked with hats. In between stands 1 defender. (preferably starting on the 9 meter)
  • 2 players play towards the goal and try to outplay the defender. The defender tries to actively conquer the ball.
  • After a shot on goal, or conquering the ball, the next duo approaches the goal
  • After 3 to 4 rounds of play, the goalkeeper and defender must be switched.
  • Allow the defender to make physical contact according to the rules. So do not clamp down, do not hold on to the arms, but do hold on to the front of the body
1 goalkeeper - 2 defenders (with cap) - 3 attackers
  • In front of the goal, on the circle, an area of 6 meters is marked with hats. In between are 2 defenders. (preferably starting on the 9 meter)
  • 3 Players play towards the goal and try to outplay the defender. The defenders try to actively conquer the ball.
  • After a shot on goal, or conquering the ball, the next trio approaches the goal
  • After 3 to 4 full rounds, goalkeeper and defender change places
  • Per pair a hat and a ball
  • 1 Player defends the hat with his hands behind his back
  • The other tries to hit the hat with the ball. No throwing!
Variant from the E:
  • With hands and frontal hold. No clenching!
In this exercise we improve our footwork while pressing and in the completion.

On the LO there are 3 pawns at the point to the back. The 2 front pawns stand at the 9 meter mark. One touch point stand past the right pawn in the middle.

  • Players pass to the attacking point and run without the ball towards the left pawn, in the forward movement they get the ball, in the backward movement they play it back.
  • Players walk back to the back pawn and pass again, this time to the front right pawn.
  • Repeat this 2x, at the last time at the right pawn the players finish.
On the RO there is the following lineup:

handbal-oefening-Voetenwerk-in-de-afronding.webp 12.54 KB

Players throw to a point of contact on the left side of the exercise and turn on the right side next to the posts. Run half round back to back, get the ball and complete by jumping over the hurdle.