Handball drills for ball control

This game can be played as an end game but also during training and as a warm-up, which makes it appealing, especially since you can differentiate and change it well.

  • Two teams are made in a square of about 10 by 10.
  • One team starts with the ball, the goal of this team is to pass the ball to a teammate 10 times.
  • The goal of the other team is to intercept and pass the ball 10 times.

This game comes in different situations.
Examples are:
  • Larger/smaller field
  • Different way of passing (MUST via bounce, MUST through the air).
  • Toss straight, further and further apart
  • Bouncing closer together again
  • Throwing high, jumping catch (with null pass) further and further apart
  • 2 Players pass the ball at a good pace
  • Players take turns trying to intercept and finish directly on goal. Do not stop, but continue directly at speed
  • Keepers spread out over 2 goals so that they can continue in quick succession.

  • Make a big circle with all players
  • Start with two balls and pass to each other, always skipping 1 person in the circle.
  • Always bring an extra ball into play.
  • Attention:
    • Good arm position,
    • Stand on the front feet, right leg in front.
    • Good catching with triangle behind the ball.
    • Good fit.

In duos, 1 ball and 1 tennisball
  • Throw tennisball on the left side at 2 meter
  • Receive ball from player 2 and throw it back
  • Catch the tennisball on the left side before the 2nd bounce
  • Throw the tennisball on the right side at 2 meter
  • Receive ball from player 2 and throw it back
  • Catch tennis ball on the right side for the 2nd bounce
  • Etc. 

  • 3 Players start shuffling between the 6 meter and the 9 meter line,
  • When the signal is given, they start walking.
  • The player in the middle receives the ball from the goalkeeper and plays it to his/her left or right
    • At the end, you can choose to make a change.
  • The attackers finish near the goalkeeper
  • The aim of the outer build-up is to run wide and create a lot of space for themselves and the rest of the team
  • When the rounding is completed, the players wait at the other end until everyone has been through and then they do the same.
  • After a while, two defenders come up and try to intercept early on

  • 1 Defender on the 9-metre line between 2 pawns
  • 1 Pawn close to the half way line
  • 1 Thrower
  • The rest of the children in the corner in a row

  • The player runs in the direction of the pawn on the half way line and
    • Gets the ball from the thrower,
    • Dribbles with the ball towards the defender, passes,
    • Finishes with a shot and
    • Goes to defend
  • The defender takes the ball and joins the back of the line.

  • Make pairs
    • Split into group 1 and group 2
  • On the middle line group 1 stands next to each other with 1 meter between them, group 2 opposite group 1

  • 1: Pass to each other 20 x from position {make sure the ball is caught correctly}.
    • When the ball is dropped, run to the back line and start again. Repeat 3 times
  • 2: Play ball with wrong hand 20 x {actively give directions}
    • When the ball falls to the ground, run to the back line and start again. Repeat 3 times
  • 3: Pass the ball out of the passing lane 20x {actively give directions}
    • When the ball falls, run to the back line and start again. Repeat 3 times

  • 2 groups line up behind a pylon
  • Everyone has a ball
  • One at a time Dribble out, 3 pass bounce back
  • Dribble-slalom around pylons
  • Behind the pylons throw on a rebounder,
  • Dribble-slalom back
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