Handball drills for ball control

  • The attacker squeezes the ball,
  • approaches the defender to about one metre,
  • threatens to shoot at goal by turning in well with the ball behind and stepping forward with the left leg,
  • steps away to the right with the right leg to get next to the defender,
  • places left leg towards goal,
  • makes a jump throw
  • and shoots at goal.
  • The less skilled pupil can make a bounce after the shot threat and then make a 1-2-3 pass and finish on goal.


Moving forward with ball

  • Tipping (right, left or alternately)
  • Roll the ball, pick it up, roll it
  • Throw the ball upwards (possibly bounce it 1x), catch it
  • Throw up ball behind back, catch ball in front of back
  • Circle ball around hip
  • Pass the ball under the knee with every step
  • Idem, with knee lifts
  • Soccer dribble
  • Hold ball in front of you and walk / heave buttocks / lift knees
  • Feinting the ball in the run
  • Perform passing moves in the run
  • there are 3 tickers.
  • The other players bounce to the center line,
  • the taggers try to tap the ball away.
  • 1 after pointing the ball.
  • 2 Pass the ball in the run.
  • 3 vary with stretching and bouncing.


  • 2 players face each other
  • and try to tap the hollow of each other's knee.
  • idem with ball and then tip
  • 2 players face to face
  • with the ball in their hand
  • and try to tap each other with the ball.


  • 2 players face each other with 2 poles in the middle.
  • player a throws both left and right of the post to his team-mate.


  • The same with feinting the poles both left and right above the hands.
  • idem by feinting in front of the poles both left and right underhand
  • idem with feint in front of the posts both left and right sideways play
  • idem with feint for the posts both left and right with bounce
  • Run straight at the posts and play underhand alongside the post


  • Play the ball left and right of the post with jump throw.
  • idem but now catch the ball in the air and play it.
  • Players make 2 rows with the ball. First player has no ball.
  • Player 1 and 2 start forward and player 2 plays player 1.
  • Player 2 goes backwards and starts forward with player 3 and gets the ball and throws at goal.
    • hands goalkeeper, high li/re,
    • middle li/re,
    • under li/re,
    • diagonal,
    • bounce,
    • free on target
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