Handball drills for ball control

  • 5 attacker,
    • so without a circle
    • can also be done without a defense
    • is about concentration and ball control and correct execution of a switch
  • MO will switch 2 with LO
  • LO will play a pass to the RO
  • RO goes into the 2swap with LH
  • LH passes the ball to the next MO and everything in the other direction.
  • corner players are going to join the MO,
  • RO+LO join the corners and the MO joins the LO or RO.
  • 3 people are the playmakers.
  • The rest stand in a row and run, play the ball, get the ball back and play the next one.
  • - with bounce, with other hand, jump throw, bunt throw, roll. with 0-pass, underhand.

  • Make 2 teams. 4 defenders, 6 attackers
  • 8 mats in a circle, 4 defenders try to intercept the ball.
  • Attackers must move to another mat after every ball contact.
    • Free running by stepping on other mats is also allowed!
    • Receive ball only on the mat!
    • Intercepted ball, then change players.
    • Option: chase the ball, free running on another mat is also allowed!
  • Point of attention: defensive position, light on the feet, arms in good position.
    • (oblique to the body and slightly bent)

Steps in a row and make sure the children always have the ball up during the exercises:

  • 1 foot on and in between
  • 2 feet on and in between (start with left and right foot)
  • 2 feet on and 3 in between
  • Sideways 2 feet on and in between
  • sideways in the difference (jumping)
  • sideways in the difference with turn

Then move the steps so they are in two long rows next to each other.

  • Again 2 feet on and off and in the difference.
  • Then move the steps around so you can sort of slide through them.
  • Make a jump throw, land on 2 feet (zero axis) and move to the next step.


  • Organization:
  • Make 5 equal groups, 1 group at each side and 3 in the middle.
  • Make sure both sides have several balls.
  • Put 2 defenders (red) just inside the 9 meter line.

  • Sequence:
  • B1 plays to B2
  • B2 runs to the ball and plays to B3
  • B3 plays to B4 and B4 tries to score.
  • Meanwhile, B1 has to chase the ball to help the defenders.
  • Then repeat from left to right.

  • Points of attention:
    Swap positions clockwise every 2 minutes, after 10 min everyone will have played every position.
    Pass quickly and accurately, and put pressure in the joint (i.e. between 2 defenders, if the defenders get the ball, the exercise stops and you start again from the other side.
  • Divide the players into 3 groups.
  • Group 1 with ball distributed on one sideline, group 2 facing the players of group 1 on the other sideline and players of group 3 behind the players of group 2.
  • Players group 2 do 5 Jumping Jacks, players group 3 do 10 push ups.
  • Players of group 1 bowl the ball from the sideline across the field to the player of group 2 opposite them but remain standing themselves.
  • The bowling of the ball happens at the moment that the players of group 2 have to do 1 Jumping Jack.
  • (The players of group 2 sprint to the other side and try to pick up the ball at the height of the middle of the field, throw the ball to the player of group 1 opposite them, receive the ball back and make 3 passes and tip over to the other side at speed, zero at arrival of the sideline.
  • Immediately after throwing the ball players of group 1 sprint to the other sideline where players of group 3 who are busy with the Jumping Jacks after picking up the ball by players of group 2.
  • Players group 1 then do 10 push ups after arriving at the sideline....
  • Exercise continues as in beginning.
  • Variation in exercises after 2 rounds for the groups instead of push ups and Jumping Jacks are planking, frog jump, sitting against the fence and sit ups.

1. Make foursomes.
2. One player stands on the sideline.
3. One player will stand in the middle.
4. The other players stand on the other touchline.
5. The player on the side where two are standing plays the ball to the middle player and takes over the position of the middle player.
6. The middle player turns around, plays the ball to the other sideline, runs after the ball and takes over the position.

  • Put 3 lines down at the opb and mid position.
    • Take space,
    • further in front of the 9 meter the 3 dummys (in case of lack of dummys you can also use posts or pawns) on the defensive positions.
  • Mid starts with ball to L, between 2 dummys, LO starts behind and receives ball from mid.
  • LO starts through to R
  • RH plays pass to in staring RO
  • RO puts pressure between UL and MA-l (as close to UL as possible), RO plays pass to in starting MO, RH starts to middle in, RO puts bar on UL
  • MO pressures between MA-r and UR, MO fakes a pass to in starting RH, CS blocks MA-I
  • RH takes advantage of the "gate" and finishes.


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