Handball drills for ball control

1. Goalkeeper stands just in front of goal
Players stand in a row in the corner of the goal area, the ball is thrown in, player walks around the cone, keeps watching the goalkeeper, and joins again.
Keeper throws the ball in towards the corner and player throws it back, etc.

2. Goalkeeper throws in balls towards cone 2, players stand behind cone, ready to catch, and move towards the ball-
watch throwing and catching technique

3. Practise complete movement

2 teams

  • 1 shoot - 12 meter distance, dribble to line and shoot

  • 1 keep - after each shot another

Which team will score the most goals?

  • Repeat 3 times

  • Watch the dribble

  • Watch the shooting technique

  • Watch movement, posture and focus goalkeeper

  • 2 teams play opposite each other on a wide field.
  • Each team has 2 or 3 mats/hoops with a pawn on it/in them.
  • Goal is to knock over the pawns of the other team.
  • To make it more complicated you can add a second ball.
  • Simply, throw the ball up and catch it again.
  • In several variations:
    • Rotate 360 degrees
    • One or more times clapping before catching
    • Sit down and catch

  • Street ball with small target area (approx. 4m, fence with hats) and on half field.
  • No rules, except maximum 3 passes with ball.
  • Use to get the players to pass as much as possible.
  • Preferably use a goalcha/street handball.
    • It does not bounce and is very easy to catch.
Have everyone dribble quietly walking - or jogging.

  • Use top half of hand
  • Supple wrist
  • Bounce to waist
  • Position oblique to the outside
  • Keep your distance from the ball at the turn
  • There is one thief
  • The other players have to throw the ball over the ground so fast that they can hit the thief with the ball.
  • In one or two groups
  • Keep the field small.
  • 4 players stand in a square.
  • There is 1 ball.
  • A player throws to another player and walks straight to that position.
  • The player who received the ball does the same. 
  • That way there is constant movement.
    • Make it clear that except for the starting player, everyone has only 2 choices.
    • Possibly as a competition between groups.
  • Players face each other in pairs.
  • First, throw the ball over, pay attention to technique.
  • Between each throw, drop the ball 3 times and immediately grab it again to develop hand strength.
  • After that, throw and catch from the jump, with two hands at first.

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