Handball drills for all skills



  • Pass B2 - B6 - B2 - B1 - B2 and shoot at target.
  • R1 tries to block.
  • Same at the other side
    • block with 2 players
    • coming from a two turnout middle with left defender or right defender


Attackers have a ball.

  • 5 plays to 4 to pass defender 1.
  • 4 plays to 5 that passes the defender.
  • 3 plays to 2 to pass the defender.
  • 4 plays to 3 that passes the defender.
  • 2 plays to 1 passing the defender.
  • Defender 1 tries to prevent all players from passing him and defends with making contact.
  • Each defender twice in a row, i.e. 10 actions in full.



defending the player in possession with contact

  • arms bent forward
  • blocking the way
  • don't let your opponent run in between your arms
  • push the attacker outwards
  • counterpressure against shoulder that is inwards
  • guide movements
  • footwork very important, one must be able to keep up with the attacker
  • keep contact with floor
  • On the left defender and right defender's positions, 3 hurdles are placed.
  • players divide themselves over these positions 
  • First left defender starts with Beinarbeit over the hurdles
  • then move backwards
    • put pressure, 
    • receive ball from middle, 
    • left/right movement 
    • and finish outside the 9m
  • Divide over left & right with one ball
  • Each time you cross over
    • Sprinting to the pole 
    • Connect at the back of the row 
  • Mini field / 1 ball
  • Divide the group into 2 equal teams (each team starts on the back line of the mini field) 
  • Try to get the ball behind the opposing team's back line (by playing over/ running free).
  • Team that is not in possession of the ball tries to intercept/tap out/possess the ball
  • (you can make the exercise more difficult, by using a soft ball (that doesn't bounce) and don't let them run (3 passes))   

  • All players with ball on the middle line
  • Player plays the ball to the trainer and gets it back while running.
  • Player shoots the ball on target.       



  • Bring the ball to the other side in pairs and score.
  • Red brings the ball to the other side and tries to score.
  • Start in pairs from the back line.
  • At the moment red tries to score a goal, green is allowed to start to score a break-out at the other side as well.
  • Red then defends back.
  • When green has taken a chance they have to go back to defend the other two red players. 
  • These of course start when green has taken a goal attempt. 
  • This exercise can continue in current form because the players keep coming back on their own side. 
  • You can do this on time (which group has scored the most goals?) or you can set a limit to a number of goals scored.
  • Two small playing fields of about 1/8 of a handball court.
  • All participants in one of the fields.
  • Play the ball over continuously.
  • The ball must not touch the ground.
  • Participants must keep moving (dribbling).
  • "Break" is called at unexpected moments;
  • Then, all participants sprint to another field.
  • Player with ball throws ball to other field and then sprints to other field.
  • Game continues.
  • All players divide themselves over the left and right corner (in pairs)
  • The trainer shouts and at that moment the players on their own side sprint around the pilon.
  • Once around the pilon, one of the two gets the ball and goes towards the goal.
  • First, without a defender, then one defender and then two defenders