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Handball drills for

This exercise focuses on accelerating in the run while looking carefully around you.

  • The team divides into 2 numbers that are about the same speed.
  • The 2-tals divide on the outside lines of the hall.
  • At the start, the 2-counts run one behind the other, front is the runner and back is the ticker.
  • At the whistle, the pairs sprint to the opposite line/corner and the ticker tries to tick off the runner.
  • Are you tapped? Press down 5 times. Did you escape? 5 x push-ups for the other person.
  • Course of rope ladder - poles - blocks - inverted bench

  1. Taking turns first rope ladder:
    handbal-oefening-Parcours.webp 13.21 KB
  2. Slalom between the poles
  3. Blocks
    • Jumping over the blocks
    • Hopscotch
    • With 2 feet at the same time
  4. Bench
    • Balancing over the bench
    • Walking sideways over the bench
    • While walking throw and catch a ball with the trainer standing behind the bench
  • Set out dribble route with hats, with lots of corners.
  • Then pass the ball to the trainer
    • Pass the ball back and shoot at the pawn in the goal.
    • You pick up the ball and throw it to the other side (there is also a goal, a ball will be put there for you).
    • Then with sideways-closing movement via cones-circuit to the next goal.
    • And so around

  1. Steady walking pace
  2. Dribble sideways, arms at defensive level
  3. Tiptoe walk, arms extended upwards
  4. In the ladder dribble pass
  5. From the circle, walk to the pylon and jump up, backwards
  6. Sprint to the start
drawing The round of endurance and defense
  • In the middle are a number of 'sharks' dribbling.
  • In the corners of the field are different types of fish.
  • When your fish is called, you dribble in a circle around the sharks.
  • When the trainer calls out 'the sharks are coming', the sharks try to tap the fish.
  • The fish dribble away as fast as possible.
  • If you are tagged, you become a shark.
The bear
  • Stand in A frame, and walk slowly with flat hands and feet
    • Right hand, left foot, left hand, right foot
  • Always relax when it becomes too much
Players split up in the LH and RH, all balls to the trainer on the centre spot.

  • At the signal of the trainer, players 1 from both corners sprint towards the trainer. Whoever gets there first gets the ball. The other defends.
  • The player with the ball has 5 seconds to come to a conclusion within the 9 meters.
  • If the player completes and scores, the defender presses 3 times.
  • If the player does not complete or does not score within 9 meters, she presses 3 times.
All players start on the LO in a line, everyone has a ball. In the field there are poles to finish on the spots LH, LO, MO, RO, RH.

  • Player 1 starts with a cross and shoots at goal.
  • Player 1 walks backwards to the LO, picks up the ball there.
  • Player 1 rounds the LO, passes to MO etc.
This has to be done on a high tempo and with high intensity! Players must be tired.

  • 2 Benches face each other, between 6 and 8 meters apart
  • On every bench there are 4 to 6 pawns
  • There are 2 teams who must try to knock off the pawns by throwing them over.
  • Pawns that have fallen down can be taken to your own side
  • The team that has all the pawns wins
  • Place the pawns in bicycle tires, where you are not allowed to stand inside.

  • 2 Groups stand in a row next to each other
  • Starting point and ending point are marked with a pawn
  • The player in front of the group rolls the ball backwards between all legs.
  • All players where the ball has passed, lie down as quickly as possible
  • The player in the back jumps over the players, connects and rolls the ball backwards again
  • Important: Every player who has jumped over gets up again
The first group to cross the line wins.
  • Put everyone in a circle with the ball in their hand and hold it high above their shoulder.
  • They start with dribbling on the spot in high speed, after 30 seconds you do another exercise.
    • Skipping (2 times on 1 leg then on the other leg)
    • Jumping forward (2 legs at the same time) and back again
    • Stepping to the left and to the right
    • Shuffle forwards and backwards
    • High speed dribble
  • If this is too easy, extend the exercise by 45 seconds or 1 minute

  • 2 players start simultaneously
  • Quickly forward to the first pawn (left) and backward
  • To the other pawn on the right and backwards
  • To the centre pawn and backwards
  • Sprint to the other side

drawing Foot work sprint course