Handball drills for defense

  • On both sides there are 2 defenders on the build-up position.
  • 2 players in the middle and the rest spread out over the left and right positions.
  • Builders have the ball and play it to the middle, get it back and pass the defender. (The ball may also be played back to the middle).
  • Passing with 0 pass, or other feint.
  • Centre plays both builders and then switches.
  • The players can finish freely.

  • 2 pairs.
  • One (defensive) player on the dotted line.
  • Other (attacking) player in front of them.
  • The offensive player tries to pass the defensive player between the pawns (without ball).
  • One (defensive) player on the dotted line.
  • Other (offensive) player in front.
  • The attacking player tries to pass the defending player between the pawns (with ball).
  • Possible shot on goal.
  • Attackers:
    • Quick movement.
    • Continue shot attempt even though someone is hanging on to you.
  • Defenders:
    • Keep attacking player in front of you.
    • Grasping at upper arms.

  • A normal game is played, however with a special rule.
  • Everything remains the same, teams of 7 (6 field players + 1 goalkeeper) are made.
  • As a team in a break-out.
  • In a first or in a second phase they make a goal they may attack again.
  • If they have scored in this way they may break out again at the centre builder.
  • If a goal is scored in this attack, they have made 2 points in 1 attack.
  • If they don't score, it's only 1 point.
  • This continues until time is up.
  • Change:
    • You can also choose to reward a break-out.
    • You can also choose to reward a break-out, first or second phase attack with 2 points instead of a new attack.
  • 4 attackers.
  • 3 defenders.
  • 1 attacker stands like a circle in the middle.
  • 3 defenders stand around it.
  • The other attackers try to play the ball around by applying pressure.
  • The attacker in the middle.
  • Defenders try to intercept and prevent the attacker in the middle from receiving the ball.
  • Attention defenders:
    • Talking.
    • Stepping out.
    • Step back.
    • Good foot forward.
    • Blocking space with arms.
    • Cover your back.
  • See Insta-film.

  • The focus here is on defending.
  • Attackers are outnumbered, 3 and the defenders are 2.
  • There is one attacker on the circle and two build-up players.
  • The attackers are going to look for the defenders and try to play 1 on 1.
  • The runner on the circle is going to offer herself and may also finish.
  • It is important that the defenders talk to each other and step out and back in time.

Variation: 1 additional defender 3:3

  1. The defender sprints between the hat (middle of the field) and the side line of the beach field. (2x)
  2. When the defender taps the hat for the second time, the attacker runs in and rounds the goal.
  3. The defender tries to block the shot.
  4. The goalkeeper takes the ball as quickly as possible
  5. The defender starts running towards the other goal and gets the ball from the goalkeeper on the way
  6. The defender finishes with a jump shot or pirouette
  7. The defender closes the back.
  8. The attacker becomes the defender and sprints again between the hat and the touchline
  • LH puts pressure on HR and plays pass to in starting LO
  • LO puts pressure on UR and plays pass to in starting MO
  • MO puts pressure on MA-r and plays pass to in starting RO, CS puts bar on MA-l, MO makes directional change to the right
  • RO puts pressure between UL and HL and plays pass to in starting MO
  • MO completes


  • Divide group into equal attackers/defenders. (e.g. 5-5)
  • Defenders defend forwards and pay attention to their (correct) position (correct leg in front - bent legs - grab opponent by the upper arms - stand as close to opponent as possible). Obstruct the shot/run direction - force attacker outside - communicate - help close teammates
  • Attackers must - determine where the spaces are - press forward and show initiative (by passing (tipping/shooting), running free (with/without the ball), playing give-and-go's. Changing/acquiring a position)

The exercise can be made easier or more difficult by: (foul play - make space in attack bigger/smaller - adjust number of players)

  • 2 teams of 3 players
  • 1 team defends other team will attack
  • 2 goalkeepers on each side / but can also be played on 1 half
  • team red (e.g.) attacks / tries to score a goal or put the ball in the 6 m / if it takes too long the trainer will whistle
  • then comes the changeover team red becomes defender immediately and team blue (e.g.) attacks all over the pitch
  • 100% attack and defence

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