Handball drills for defense

  • The players position themselves as indicated on the drawing.
  • Just before taking the free throw LO starts in towards the centre, player (from wall) plays pass to MO, wall puts backward bar on defensive block.
  • MO puts pressure to the left of UR and plays pass to RO who starts in.
  • RO takes advantage of the space and finishes.


  • The attacking players must try to outplay the defence on the other side


  • Bring up the ball in 2 teams from your own 6 meter area.
  • On your own half of the field you encounter 1 defender (stays only on this half of the field).
  • On the other half of the field you encounter 2 defenders, but you also have a circle runner offensively.


  • Red brings the ball up to the other side and tries to score.
  • Pairs start from the back line.
  • As soon as red makes a goal attempt, green may start to score a breakout at the opposite side.
  • Red defends back.
  • When green has taken a goal they have to go back to defend the other two red players.
  • These have of course started at the moment that green has taken a goal attempt.
  • This exercise can continue in a flowing way, because the players keep coming back to their own side.
  • You can do this on time (which group has scored the most goals?) or you can choose who has scored the most goals.



  • Blue crosses over,
  • Red must try to get rid of the ball.
  • Ball away? -> defend until everyone has lost their ball.
  • Too easy?
    • Extra defenders.
    • 3 times a ticker,
    • whoever catches the balls in the shortest time is the winner.
  • balls all at the center line
  • They make 2 teams.
  • They all stand in 1 of the 2 corners.
  • Then you bounce a ball and they have to move to the goalpost and sprint to you.
  • Then you can for example roll the ball away, bounce it.
  • Or just hold it and see who gets it first.
  • What I often do when 1 person is left, then I let that person catch the balls and keep indicating
  • game
  • 2 teams, equal numbers
    • Possibly without a break
    • Possibly without bounce
    • Possibly mixed teams
  • 2 Builders play the ball to each other at a steady pace, each time making a forward threat.
  • The defender performs a correct defensive position.
  • Stepping out / running in
  • Push sideways / run sideways
  • The defenders continuously slide back and forth and provide back cover when attacking on the other side.

Variation: Eventually continue and finish by themselves (one of the trainers can then play the ball)

  • Points of attention attack:
    • Goal-oriented play.
    • Clean passes
    • Putting pressure on
    • Learn a good feint


  • At the end of the training, have the two teams play against each other.
  • Coaching them, but letting the game run.
  • Pointing out the pressure they have to put on and connecting.
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