Hockey drills for all skills


Couples or with three players.


  • focus on the grip of there hands, on your left hand you can read your watch.
  • push your left hand forward
  • Left food in front


  • bend your knee
  • left food in line with the ball
  • left shoulder in line with left knee
  • swing for a hit or slap

  • Player 1 runs with the ball to the head circle and hits the goal
  • Player 4 plays the ball to the left where player 2 and defender 1 come running in (2v1)
  • Player 4 plays the ball to the right where player 3 and defender 2 come running in (3v2)
  • Player 4 runs with a ball into the circle and plays off the attack (4v2)
  • Player 1 and 2 are defenders
  • Player 3 and 4 are attackers
  • Player 3 runs with a ball to player 1 and tries to get past player 1.
  • The same happens on the other side.
  • Team of two with ball, sitting opposite each other on the mat
  • Person A holds ball above head with both hands and moves to supine position while tapping the ground with ball backwards with outstretched arms
  • Person A moves to sitting position and hands the ball to person B
  • Person B goes to the supine position and taps the ground with the ball backwards
  • and so on

May also be with bended knees


  • In prone position throw ball to partner
  • Partner rolls the ball back on the ground



  • 3x from sideline to sideline
  • 2 rows (Knees lift, cross pass, sideways, arms swing, heels buttocks) all 2x
  • Push close together (1-2 meter)
  • A bit more distance and then shuffle (5-8 meters)
  • Even more distance and then go flat out (minimum 10 meters)
  • There are at least 2 teams
  • The field is the 23, from marker to other marker
  • You may shoot on goal from any position in the field if not dangerous
  • After 2 goals by the same team the losing team switches (After 3 wins the winning team switches)

  • Players stand in pairs briefly facing each other.
  • On the ground between the two players is a ball.
  • Trainer gives the commands:
    • Head,
    • chin,
    • knees,
    • feet,
    • ears,
    • BAL!
  • At the command BAL, the players must try to get the ball as quickly as possible.
  • At the other commands, they have to tap on the corresponding body part.
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