Hockey drills for all skills

  • A starts with the ball and runs up
  • Encounters an opponent.
  • B runs into the deep and gets a ball of A in the run
  • C runs in and gets the ball from B in the run
  • C takes the ball and runs towards the circle
  • a player encounters an opponent there and passes the ball wide to the run-through A
  • A walks in the direction of the circle and makes a choice or makes an action themselves
  • Passes the pawns on the left and finishes on goal
  • Or they choose to give the ball wide to the right to the run-through C
  • Then C shoots at goal 

  • Technique exercise
  • Learning the chop (if we don't have a water field we do another passing movement)
  • You walk towards the bar
  • Step over it yourself and tap the ball with your stick
  • Because of this it goes in the air and therefore over the tray
  • Then through the slalom and round off on goal
  • Do the exercise several times 
  • A starts with the ball
  • B runs towards the ball and gets a targeted pass from A on the forehand
  • B picks up the ball in the run and just takes his turn over the backhand side
  • Accelerate towards the circle and finish with the backhand or forehand
  • do exercise 2 times
  • A gives a hard pass to B
  • B slaloms between pawns with the ball A slaloms between pawns  WITHOUT the ball
  • B gives a hard pass at the end towards A who takes the ball in the run 
  • A aligns the ball and finishes with the backhand on goal
  • A pushes the ball to B
  • B takes the ball and passes (2 touch)
  • B pushes the ball through to C who takes the ball closed
  • Who then turns left or right and finishes on goal
  • Same on the other side 
  • You stay with B and A once
  • First you give the ball and then  you receive the ball and then you pass through

  • aim pass at each other's forehand 
  • run  to the ball you passed
  • shoot at goal 
  • B comes running into the ball and gets a hard pass from A 
  • B takes the ball while running and takes the ball at the stick into the circle 
  • And finish with the backhand on goal
  • The same on both sides
  • Exercise on doubling your opponent
  • A 1 to 2. 
  • A is the attacker and starts with the ball and wants to score in the goal on the other side. 
  • B and C are going to double the opponent so that he cannot start scoring. 
  • Tips: 
    • Push them to the outside
    • If they are on the outside put pressure backwards

  • Exercise with different lift passes.
  • A runs to the bar and passes over the bar and gives a pass to B.
  • B runs towards the ball and gives a lift pass to A. 
  • A has gone through to take the ball from B.
  • A gives a hard flat towards C. 
  • C comes in front of the bar and lifts the ball in a movement over the beam bar accelerates towards the circle.
  • C ball on the stick enters the circle.
  • Aligning ball and shooting at goal