Hockey drills for all skills

  • Ball possession in smaller teams
  • Goals is to keep an eye on each other and passing in the forehand of your team mate and passing over the backhand of your opponent.
  • An extension to the exercise of an attack over right under defenders. 
  • The goal of the exercise is that the 3 attackers want to get past the two defenders in an effective way. 
  • First have them do it again a number of times. After that the exercise that they have done for this purpose will come back. 
    • This is exactly what they have to do, only now there are defenders and they have to watch even more and give the safe pass.  
  • The first ball of A always goes back and from there they can build up.
  • It then becomes a 3:2 
  • Exercise with a buildup over right with tip-in variation in it. 
  • A Wants to play a free ball and there is a lot of pressure at the front. So the ball is played back to B
  • B takes the ball while running makes eye contact with the running C which takes the ball and makes eye contact with the running A again.
  • A takes the ball open and floats with the ball on the stick at a high speed towards the back line. 
  • Makes eye contact with the passed C and gives a 90 degree pass in advance. 
  • C takes the ball and lines the ball up and round with a hit on goal, A stands there active to tip the ball if necessary.
  • Next to C, A is immediately ready for the tip of the ball coming from D. 
  • D has a hard targeted flats just as if he wants to score. A causes this ball to change direction and go into the goal.
  • A game form where switching is tested. 
  • You make two teams, if you score one goal you can take the ball out immediately and you will score on the other side. 
    • This means that both teams have to switch because they are now coming towards the other goal. 
  • Extension to practice with the tip-in. 
  • Furthermore, it is practiced with the hard and pure pass to each other.
  • A push the ball to B on the forehand pay attention to the technique (hands apart, left foot in front, force from all over your body, arms moving in the direction you are going).
  • B push the ball back to A, A push to C C back to A, A push to D and D back to A.
  • When B has played the ball back to A he turns around and goes around the pilon and bids to receive the ball. 
  • A takes the ball from D and gives a hard facing flats towards E. 
  • E makes eye contact with the incoming B and gives a directed pass (may be push or flats).
  • B takes the ball open, aligns it up and finishes with a hit on goal.
  • After shooting, he accelerates towards the goal to run the tip-in. 
  • F makes eye contact with B and gives a hard targeted pass just as if he is going to score.
  • B causes the ball to change direction. 
  • A pass the ball with a push in the forehand of B
  • B takes the ball open and passes the ball to C
  • C takes the ball open and passes the ball to D
  • D takes the ball open, makes eye contact with E
  • E comes running towards the ball and takes the ball while running and turns to the right with the ball on the stick.
    • E makes eye contact with F
  • F runs into the ball and gets the ball from E who gives a hard push in the forehand
    • F takes the ball in the barrel turning to the left and dribbles with the ball on the stick into the circle and aligns the ball or strikes goal.
  • G can be added later in the exercise if the exercise goes well
    • This runs before the tip-in of F

  • A starts slaloming through the pilons and does this at speed
  • At the end he is told whether he left or right along the pilons and accelerated with the ball on the stick
  • A aligns the ball and strikes goal
  • He turns around and gets a ball from B on the forehand. he takes the ball, aligns the ball up and around again.
  • Turn around immediately and you get a ball of C that you take, line up and complete
  • We are running from 
    • A to C
    • C to B
    • B to A

  • A drives the ball with the stick into the circle, aligns the ball up and finishes at goal. At the bottom between, B dribbles with the ball on the pilon with the ball on the stick.
  • B makes eye contact me A and gives a 90 degree pass on the forehand of A (preferably with a push)
  • A picks up the ball on line and finishes at goal
  • B runs after hitting the second ball from A towards C
  • C gives a hard pass towards the circle
  • Like he wants to score
  • B uses a tip-in to change the direction of the ball and enter the goal (walk through the ball, let stick point in the direction you want the ball to go).
  • You are running from
    • A to B 
    • B to C 
    • C to A

Points of attention

  • A should give a hard targeted push in B's forehand. 
  • B comes offering and runs through the ball. stick on the ground moving forward. 
  • Takes the ball while running and accelerates with the forehand along the pilons, holding the ball to the stick so DO NOT give a tap. 
  • Comes into the circle, aligns the ball and strikes the goal (hands together, left foot in front in the direction of the goal, dropping a little through your knees, finish your stroke).
  • On the other hand, the same thing is the same, only you have to drive along the pilons to keep the ball one step in front of you. 
  • Switch on the same side so A to the spot of B and vice versa. When all the balls are around you change sides and do the exercise on the other side.