Hockey drills for all skills

  • Exercise with different lift passes.
  • A runs to the bar and passes over the bar and gives a pass to B.
  • B runs towards the ball and gives a lift pass to A. 
  • A has gone through to take the ball from B.
  • A gives a hard flat towards C. 
  • C comes in front of the bar and lifts the ball in a movement over the beam bar accelerates towards the circle.
  • C ball on the stick enters the circle.
  • Aligning ball and shooting at goal 
  • Exercising the pressure.
  • How do you do this and why do we do it like this?
  • A, B and C are going to try to score in the small goal on the centre line.
  • The other three are going to put up the pressure
  • Explaining how to stand.
  • How to do this to make sure they can't go back.
  • You can double them to conquer the ball 
  • Once they have taken away the ball, they can shoot at the goal 
  • The ball starts at A
  • B runs towards the circle 
  • A gives a lift pass over the bar towards B
  • B takes the ball in front of him so he can take the ball and runs towards the circle 
  • B aligns the ball en finishes on goal
  • Player 1 plays ball on player 2. 
  • player a runs on and receives the ball back, player 1 now plays ball on player 3 and receives the ball back again and shoots the ball at goal.
  • variation: 
    • instead of shot on goal, 
    • gives player 1 a pass for the goal on player 4 
    • player 1 takes the place of player 4. 
    • player 2 and 3 remain.

pass-to-the-right-before-passing-to-the-left pass-to-the-right-before-passing-to-the-left 

The pass to the right goes diagonally forward and over the backhand side of the defender, the pass to the left you play wide and goes over the forehand side of the defender.

Therefore the pass to the right is preferred over the pass to the left.

  • Try to keep possession of the ball 1 v 1.
  • This forces the players to look for space and make feints.
  • Throw the ball from the center line and let it finish.


  • This is a basic exercise in preparation. 
  • Just like a tennis player who prepares for training with basic strokes, the players must prepare for the complex training and competition forms, with direct simple passes on top of each other. 
  • In this way, the trainer has the ability to see technical errors in each individual player and correct them as early as the basic exercise. 
  • The players pass the ball directly between two pylons and walk counter-clockwise to the other side. 
  • The size of the target and the distance between the players will be adjusted according to the age and level of the players.


  • Orange 1 starts with a pass from the sideline to one of the builders (orange 2,3).
  • Orange defends out and scores in the goal (A) on the 23 meter line.
  • When intercepting or winning a duel by blue (1,2) they score on the big goal (2 blue against 3 orange+k).
  • Orange gives direct pressure on blue when losing the ball.
  • The exercise starts again after a goal in 1 of the 2 goals, after a maximum of 2 switch moments or when the ball is out.

Tips ball possession

  • Make the field wide.
  • Take open after scanning the space (by builders).
  • Keep depth between both lines (formation 2-1;1-1-1).

Tips non ball possession

  • Make a choice between putting direct pressure on the ball owner or letting the opponent come and reducing space.
  • Force a passing or running action to the outside (sideline).
  • As a goalkeeper, coach the rear build-up player.
  • Switching tips
  • At Ball Loss:
    • Put pressure on the ball holder.
    • Play compact and reduce space.

At Ball Profit:

  • Preferably play with the ball instead of the ball.
  • Make sure there is a quick play point in the depth.

Make it easier

  • Build up with 3 players, where the trainer gives the 1st pass to 1 of the 3 Orange players
  • Make more difficult
    • Provide an evental in players: 3 Orange (with goalkeeper) against 3 Blue (3rd player of Blue starts from the goalkeeper at 23 meters line).
  • 1A person on the 23 meters, 
  • 1B on the back line. 
  • Both on the left side of the field.
  • A scoops to B and runs to head circle. 
  • B runs to circle edge and plays on A. 
  • A finishes on goal.
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