Hockey drills for all skills

  1. defender 1 passes to attacker 1
  2. attacker 1 to attacker 2
  3. through pass from attacker 2 to attacker 1
  4. defender 1 defends on attacker 1 when he has received the through pass
  5. attacker 2 attacks > 2v1


The flower (without or with ball):

  • start at pilon 1 > to the center of the flower
  • hitting each of the 4 surrounding pilons 1 by 1
  • run back to pilon 1
  • variations:
    • with stick and ball
    • relay race


  • Set up a small field.
  • Let the children choose fruits of their choice
  • Call off those fruits, than the ones that were called out, do a 1v1 
  • Dribble:
    • indian dribble: make touches from FH/BH if you have control increase the speed
    • dummy: drag the ball to your left foot make a c pull without the ball, drag the ball with your backhand to your righthand-side and speed up
    • 3d skill: 
      • . 
    • it all starts with lifting the ball in the air while simultaneously making a move to change direction 
  • Push: In the circle and close to the goal
  • slap: for a deflection or from 2 meters inside the circle
  • deflection: 
  • hit: top of the circle FH/BH 
  • FH:
  • BH: 

  • The group is positioned in the four corners of the field.
  • One who tags has to wear a party ribbon
  • On a sign, they cross the field in three directions of their choice:
  • the short side, the long side or diagonal.
  • This results in one, two or three points each time they return.
  • A tagger operates in the free space and obliges the tagged children to first go back to their corner before they may cross again.
  • How many points can you score in a set time?
  • The group is lined up on the short side of the field for a relay. 
  • On a sign they all run to the other side at the same time and try to sit down as soon as possible in a random order.
  • Which line-up will be the first to sit down?
  • Variation
  • Varying start and end positions.
  • Touching a line on the opposite side, returning and sitting in line again.
  • This is a good exercise for conditioning: 
  • The group has to stand in a row and you let them start dribbling. 
  • As soon as the trainer blows his whistle, the last one of the row should run forwards. 
  • You do this until everyone has been there and then you let them finish running the track.
  • Let the team run for about five minutes and then continue with the following exercises: 
  • put out the pilons as shown in figure one.
  • Have the team make two rows on the sideline at the height of the 23-metre line.
  • Perform the following running exercises on the dotted line: 
  • - Knee lifting (constructive 50%, 80%, 100%).
  • - Heel to buttocks (building 50%, 80%, 100%).
  • - Sideways
  • - Cross step.
  • - And finally, release the arms.