Hockey drills for all skills

  • Blue player receives the ball from the white player each time. (white player distributed)
  • Red player runs from stroke point to head circle and receives ball from blue player. 
  • Red player shoots on goal.
  • After each shot he walks back to stroke point and then receives the next ball from head circle.

  • Jump where you stand: 
    • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. 
    • Concentrate on a point on the floor and hop up and down where you stand.
  • Jump sideways:
    • Stand up straight, keep your hands in front of you and jump from side to side.
  • Butt Kicks:
    • Stand up straight, and keep running in your place as you lift your heel up and touch your buttocks with every step.
  • High stepping:
    • Lift the leg with the knee at a 90 degree angle. 
    • Quickly alternate with the other leg.
  • Standing bike crunches:
    • Stand with your feet apart at shoulder width. 
    • Bring your knee to your opposite elbow. 
    • Go back to the starting position and repeat with the other side (belly / legs).
  • Sumo squat:
    • Stand with your feet 6-12 cm apart.
    • Stretch out your arms in front of you. 
    • Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. 
    • Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise (legs / buttocks).
  • Jumping without a rope:
    • Hold your arms along your side and pretend to hold the end of a jump rope in each hand. 
    • Jump up and come down alternately on the ball of each foot, while simultaneously twisting your wrists as if you were letting a rope go around.
  • Jumping without a rope:
    • Hold your arms along your side and pretend to be holding the end of a skipping rope in each hand. 
    • Jump up with 2 feet, while at the same time twisting your wrists as if you were making a rope go around.
  • Arm Swings clockwise:
    • Stand on the ground with your arms straight outstretched to the side at shoulder height. 
    • Move your arms quickly in large circles clockwise (arms).
  • Arm Swings counterclockwise:  
    • Stand on the ground with your arms straight outstretched to the side at shoulder height. 
    • Move your arms quickly in large circles counterclockwise (arms)
  • Toy soldiers:
    • Start with your feet at shoulder width apart. Keep your legs and arms stretched. 
    • Kick up your left leg until your right hand touches your toes. 
    • Repeat with the other side (belly / legs / arm / shoulder).


  • Two solving exercises that you can both do for 10 minutes
  • Also first the explanation of the tip-in exercise
  • B starts running around the pilons and accelerates when he reaches the goal towards A.
  • A gives a hard facing pass towards the goal
  • B tip the ball so that it changes direction
  • Then they change places
  • Other exercise
  • We are going to practice walking in out
  • A is a right behind who wants to play the ball somewhere. B is the middle right and he is going to run one in out. 
  • He starts in the middle of the field and wants to offer himself for A.
  • He accelerates towards the sideline A may choose whether he wants to give the ball or not.
  • If he doesn't give the ball, A finishes his line further and comes back to where he started and then runs again on another in-out. 
  • If A passes, B takes the ball and is allowed to score on the goaltender.
  • Game with the three teams,
  • Make three equal and fair teams. 
  • A team starts as the defenders (on the picture the red one).
  • A team starts as the attackers (in the picture the blue one)
  • a team behind the 23 meter line (on the picture the white one)
  • For the defenders the intention is to pass the ball to one of the white ones in the box at the 23 meter line.
  • For the attackers the intention is to score.
    • When they have scored they get 1 point
  • For the team behind the 23 meter line, they are supposed to take the ball as the defenders take it to their pass. 
  • If the ball is with the team that is behind the 23 meter line their attacks will start.
  • The team that was attacking and the team that was defending will be in the box behind the 23 meter line. 
  • In this way, it keeps on turning. 
    • The one who gives the most points at the end wins. 
  • Tips for the attackers
  • Play the freeman when you are in possession of the ball and make sure that someone runs deep into it
  • Pass over your opponent's backhand side
  • If you are not in ball possession make sure you close the lines to the people in the box behind the 23 meter line. 
  • Tips for the defenders
  • Make sure you are defended outside the circle so that they can't pull out
  • Keeps track of your own male
  • Close the backhand side so they can't pass over it.
  • If you do have the ball look up the space and keep passing until there is a hole and you can give it to the people in the box. 
  • A starts with the ball one gives a facing pass to B
  • B goes through the pilons with a vision dribble
  • A runs into the depth and gets a hard targeted pass of B into the depth
  • B accelerate around the pilons and give a 90 degree pass on A
  • A runs in the direction of the circle and at the height of B so she can receive a 90 degree pass.
  • She takes the ball and lines it up and finishes with a hit on goal
  • Technique exercise 
  • 3 different actions we will refine and train further
  • Exercise at A: Two lift actions with at the last one an acceleration to the circle (also practice with backhand lift)
  • Exercise at B: Forehand turn them in steps to the left and from there turn them in the other direction and then accelerate towards the circle.
  • Exercise at C: Entry exercise to the left and accelerate and the other side along it.
  • They walk in the direction of the little v and step in with their left foot and let the ball go that way as well and bring it back and accelerate the other way and pull this acceleration through to the circle and then round it off.
  • Further practice with half court press.
  • The goal is that they realize what to do when the ball is passed. 
  • How are we supposed to walk as a front runner. 
  • Ball starts at A 
  • The 3 defenders will stand in such a way that the line is closed and so the ball can only be passed to the sides or back out.
  • A gives the ball towards B because the line is closed. 
  • Now comes what the whole exercise is about what the 3 defenders should do now.
  • V1 slides so that it is in front of the ball so that the ball cannot be given straight forward.
  • V2 stands between the person with the ball and the ball goal line
  • V3 which dribbles to the attacker C who comes closer. V3 prevents C from getting the ball and defends on the inside. between the opponent and the goal. 
  • From here on it is a 3:3 
  • On the other hand it is exactly the same and discs the defenders the same.
  • Exercise expand on both sides
  • A gives a push to B
  • B takes the ball closed because defender D is in his back. 
  • B accelerates dribbling with the ball on the stick along the pilons, D runs with B because he doesn't want B to go along.
  • D may try to conquer the ball when B has passed the pilons.
  • B wants to pass the ball to C. If D intercepts, he passes the ball to C so that the person can continue with the exercise. 
  • If B gets the ball to C, C will do the same and the defender E will defend. If E picks up the ball, he can finish at the goal. 
  • How to continue, A goes to the spot of B, B goes to the spot of D, D goes to the spot of C, C goes to the spot of E and E goes to the spot of A.
  • Tips for the attackers
    • Keep the ball close to you and screen it with your stick
    • Pass the ball over the backhand side of your opponent
    • Accelerate to make it harder for the defender to stop you
  • Tips for the defenders
    • Keep your stick on the ground, you can react much faster to what your opponent is doing
    • Keep your opponent on the forehand and make sure the line is closed!
    • Let the attacker make the mistake and then grab the pass.
    • Guide your opponent in the direction where you want him/her to go 
  • Exercise expand on both sides. 
  • A and B start running at the same time, 
  • A dribbles with the ball on the stick around the pilon. 
  • B runs in and asks A for the ball.
  • A makes eye contact and pushes the ball to B
  • B controls the ball closed
  • Then dribbles the bars and do two elevator actions over the bars
  • Aligns the ball and finishes with a hit on goal.
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