Hockey drills for all skills

  • Practicing with the penalty corner attacking
  • Penalty Corner 1:
    • Goes to the first couple and finishes at goal
  • Penalty Corner 2:
    • Goes to the first couple and slides the ball to the right and shoots at goal (if possible, take the ball in a different way at once and then take it out
  • Penalty Corner 3: 
    • Is couple one takes the ball to play the ball to couple two, one has passed through again and get the ball back from two (preferably in one rounding differently take and then shoot)
  • Penalty Corner 4:
    • The ball goes to the first couple that gives a hard flats towards the first ball where the declarer has walked through and that tip the ball into it.
  • Ball possession in smaller teams
  • Goals is to keep an eye on each other and passing in the forehand of your team mate and passing over the backhand of your opponent.
  • An extension to the exercise of an attack over right under defenders. 
  • The goal of the exercise is that the 3 attackers want to get past the two defenders in an effective way. 
  • First have them do it again a number of times. After that the exercise that they have done for this purpose will come back. 
    • This is exactly what they have to do, only now there are defenders and they have to watch even more and give the safe pass.  
  • The first ball of A always goes back and from there they can build up.
  • It then becomes a 3:2 
  • Exercise with a buildup over right with tip-in variation in it. 
  • A Wants to play a free ball and there is a lot of pressure at the front. So the ball is played back to B
  • B takes the ball while running makes eye contact with the running C which takes the ball and makes eye contact with the running A again.
  • A takes the ball open and floats with the ball on the stick at a high speed towards the back line. 
  • Makes eye contact with the passed C and gives a 90 degree pass in advance. 
  • C takes the ball and lines the ball up and round with a hit on goal, A stands there active to tip the ball if necessary.
  • Next to C, A is immediately ready for the tip of the ball coming from D. 
  • D has a hard targeted flats just as if he wants to score. A causes this ball to change direction and go into the goal.
  • A game form where switching is tested. 
  • You make two teams, if you score one goal you can take the ball out immediately and you will score on the other side. 
    • This means that both teams have to switch because they are now coming towards the other goal. 
  • Extension to practice with the tip-in. 
  • Furthermore, it is practiced with the hard and pure pass to each other.
  • A push the ball to B on the forehand pay attention to the technique (hands apart, left foot in front, force from all over your body, arms moving in the direction you are going).
  • B push the ball back to A, A push to C C back to A, A push to D and D back to A.
  • When B has played the ball back to A he turns around and goes around the pilon and bids to receive the ball. 
  • A takes the ball from D and gives a hard facing flats towards E. 
  • E makes eye contact with the incoming B and gives a directed pass (may be push or flats).
  • B takes the ball open, aligns it up and finishes with a hit on goal.
  • After shooting, he accelerates towards the goal to run the tip-in. 
  • F makes eye contact with B and gives a hard targeted pass just as if he is going to score.
  • B causes the ball to change direction. 
  • A pass the ball with a push in the forehand of B
  • B takes the ball open and passes the ball to C
  • C takes the ball open and passes the ball to D
  • D takes the ball open, makes eye contact with E
  • E comes running towards the ball and takes the ball while running and turns to the right with the ball on the stick.
    • E makes eye contact with F
  • F runs into the ball and gets the ball from E who gives a hard push in the forehand
    • F takes the ball in the barrel turning to the left and dribbles with the ball on the stick into the circle and aligns the ball or strikes goal.
  • G can be added later in the exercise if the exercise goes well
    • This runs before the tip-in of F

  • A starts slaloming through the pilons and does this at speed
  • At the end he is told whether he left or right along the pilons and accelerated with the ball on the stick
  • A aligns the ball and strikes goal
  • He turns around and gets a ball from B on the forehand. he takes the ball, aligns the ball up and around again.
  • Turn around immediately and you get a ball of C that you take, line up and complete
  • We are running from 
    • A to C
    • C to B
    • B to A

  • A drives the ball with the stick into the circle, aligns the ball up and finishes at goal. At the bottom between, B dribbles with the ball on the pilon with the ball on the stick.
  • B makes eye contact me A and gives a 90 degree pass on the forehand of A (preferably with a push)
  • A picks up the ball on line and finishes at goal
  • B runs after hitting the second ball from A towards C
  • C gives a hard pass towards the circle
  • Like he wants to score
  • B uses a tip-in to change the direction of the ball and enter the goal (walk through the ball, let stick point in the direction you want the ball to go).
  • You are running from
    • A to B 
    • B to C 
    • C to A
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