Hockey drills for all skills

  • One tagger has a stick in one hand and taps with his other hand.
  • The tagged player will then hold the stick with it and also tap with it.
  • The tagger must not let go of the stick.
  • If there is a large group, assign two or more taggers.


  • 1 player has a stick and a tagger is assigned;
  • only the player who has the stick may be tapped, so the stick is always passed on quickly (vertically for safety reasons and do not throw it!).
  • If the tagger doesn't have a chance, add more than one stick to the game.


  • Pass the ball to a fellow player under/over the pylons with stick.
  • Passes: push, slide and flats.
  • Stick at different heights
  • increase distance between each other
  • pylons closer together (gate smaller)
  • Perform the exercise with groups of three


  • There are 3 or 4 gates in the indicated area.
  • To score a point you have to pass the ball to a team-mate through a gate.
  • After scoring, the other player can score if they are in possession of the ball.


  • Each team has 2 goals. (see rules triple hockey).
  • 3 against 3 where 5x passes is 1 point (if the ball is intercepted, start counting again).
  • possibly 3 against 2 games with 1 player (trainer?)
  • always with the attacking team (complicated exercise!)
  • Each team has 5 inverted pylons to defend.
  • The pylons are on the line and the players may only stand/defend on their own half.
  • Which team knocks over the pylons of the other first.


  • Everybody's got an inverted pylon he puts in the area.
  • Everyone protects his own pylon and tries to shoot another pylon (the owner gets a penalty point; who has the most/least penalty point after 5 minutes?).


  • The children are placed in 2 rows.
  • The trainer stands just behind the 2 rows and rolls a ball forward.
  • The front 2 players try to conquer the ball.
  • The player in possession
  • drives the ball towards the goal.
  • The other tries to conquer the ball again.
  • From a marked point, the ball may not be taken away and the player in possession makes a shot at goal.


  • Run towards goal, play the ball to the left towards the trainer, the trainer plays the ball back into the runner's stick.
  • After receiving the ball, he finishes on target.


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