Hockey drills for all skills

  • defense system
    • defend man to man 
    • central free defender close the gaps 
    • everyone move to ball side 
    • center striker is responsible for the 2 central defenders all the other marking man to man 
  • full press:
    • defend the inside areas
    • force them to go wide
    • center striker: responsible for the 2 center backs, 
      • start on 5 m and inside, 
      • when they pass wide close them to that side 
    • Left and right forward: responsible for the right and left back, 
      • defend the inside and force them to pass or walk down the line 
    • Mid: man to man marking 
    • Lm and Rm: man to man and when they force the player to walk down the line block them in a double with the forward 
    • Right back and left back: man to man marking and intercept when they pas down the line 
  • jab: take your stick in your left hand and poke the bal or close to the ball to put pressure on the bal. 
    • left food forward right food back
    • move quick forward and back 
    • forse them to one side ( FH side)
  • channel:
    • pick up the speed of the attacker 
    • change body postion to force them outside 
    • follow the attacker and make a steal Fh or save backhand 
  • block tackle:
  • step in to the bal 
  • sit low with your stick on forehand side 
  • mostly after jab you block tackle